Cocktail Event Invites Random?

  1. I was cleaning off my kitchen table of all the junk mail that accumulates when I came by my LV catalog. I never saw it because I was away for work for a week and my fiance never gave me my mail. LoL:push: Inside was a invitation to a cocktail event in Atlanta, GA. Mind you, I live in NJ and my LV purchases are mostly from Short Hills (and i've never been invited to anything there). I made one purchase (Mini Lin wallet) from the Lenox LV in Atlanta and I was invited to their cocktail event:roflmfao:. Just thought that I might share. I guess it's more random and not necessarily how much you spend?:shrugs:

    The ironic thing is - the cocktail event was the week I was away for work ... and I was at Stone Mountain which is 30 mins from Atlanta :lol:. I actually could have went if I had known about it. hehe
  2. I got invited to the LV holiday reception in Atlantic City. We live in Baltimore and I purchased my red epi Alma there in April. I thought it was very nice to have received the invitation, but we weren't able to go. We were leaving for NY to board the QM2 that day! But I did manage to purchase my new Hampstead in St. Thomas while we were on our cruise!! No cocktails or anything else, just tax-free LV.
    I think it's good business for the store to invite past customers to events. I've never been invited to anything else LV or Chanel for that matter.
  3. i don't think there is any criteria for who gets invites. from the sounds of it, even customers who aren't vics get invited as well. i guess it is up to your SA. my mom gets used to get invites and still gets catalogs from a store we don't even shop at anymore.
  4. tax-free eh? :graucho::graucho:
  5. Lol weird.
    We've only gotten them to our stores here...granted, one was at a store we don't frequent, but it's because my SA moved to that other store.
  6. If you happen to be in St. Thomas, USVI-- tax free, but full retail. The good news was I did declare the purchase, but they waved me through. I don't think it would have been tax-free if they shipped it, however, since there is a LV in Maryland.
  7. i think it depends on the particular event. the one at the guggenheim in nyc i'm pretty sure is rather exclusive. when i got my invite i called and they had to look up my name and stuff. i inquired about my dad who is also in the system but they said the invitee is the one who's allowed to bring guests, otherwise you're added to the additions list.
  8. i wonder the same in aruba then, i guess their LV is tax free too? i will be there next month.
  9. I used to live in St. Thomas 2 years ago...There was never an LV you know if it was new or where was it exactly? Because I would have deffinately known if there was one on the island..
  10. I didn't know there was one either. I found out right before our cruise. It's in Yacht Haven Grande It was a pleasant surprise. A lovely little bit of peace and quiet away from the craziness of Charlotte Amalie. Not that I don't love beautiful downtown CA, but I was really looking forward to this little side trip the day we were docked in St. Thomas. There are lovely restaurants and the yachts are gorgeous and the people watching is fabulous!
    It's a small store, but crowded.
  11. I don't know why it wouldn't be tax-free -- it's duty-free, but make sure you declare it when you return to the US.
  12. I love the shopping in St. Thomas. I would love to stop by there for a visit!