Cocktail Dresses?

  1. Ok. I'm looking for something hot, simple, yet still stands out. I have a Christmas function to go to in early December and that doesn't leave me too much time to find something I like! I checked online a lot and haven't seen much yet so do you ladies have any suggestions?

    P.S - there are going to be a lot of good looking men! :lol:
  2. I'm not sure of your body type/hair colour/etc.. but if it were mmeee i'd wear something like this-


    It's sexy, but not ultra-revealing and fun but not too trendy. Total hot guy trap! heh


    ^^ i love the idea of these with it

    and then a clutch or whatever in a nice bright 'pop!' color :smile:

    Hope this helps! In general though i advise to go for something a little more formfitting that shows off your waist (since guys really don't get the whole trapeze/babydoll thing) and have at least a littttllee color :yes:
  3. ^^ woo that cavalli one is SEXY! I might have to order it for an upcoming event!

    hollywood, it would really be helpful if you could give us some info of your body type, colour of your hair etc

    so far the suggestions the lovely ladies' have posted are fab, especially the last one as you can tell LOL
  4. Ohlala! some of those dresses are gorgeous but wouldn't work on my body.

    Sorry. I'm short (5'0) and athletically built but thin. I don't have much on the top nor do I have a "juicy" bum. :lol: I'm more curvy than I am stick though. My hair is at shoulder length but wavey and the color is black brown. I can easily pin it up though.
  5. I'm thinking this. I don't want to go too fancy as it isn't a formal however I don't want to dress too down. I think this is a good mixture of both. The style is simple enough but still has that umph. :biggrin:


    What do you ladies think? Is it good for a Christmas party?
  6. sheishhollywood, that dress is gorgeous, where did u find it online, and who designed it.
  7. It's by ECI and I found it at
  8. ^^^ I agree. I think that dress is very pretty. Perfect for any type of holiday event.
  9. I love your choice! I agree with you that it's very versatile- perfect for what you need.
  10. Great choice.
  11. thanks