Cocker owners - some quick questions...

  1. This bag intrigues me! :graucho: Just want to ask if that braided handle is comfortable to carry? Does it dig into your shoulder if you wear it like that? (I'd mostly carry it handheld but it would be nice to pop it on my shoulder in a pinch.)

    Also, is it lightweight?

    Any other issues with this bag that would sway me either way? I love that it's classic with a bit of an edge to it.

    Thanks so much!! :yes:
  2. Its very light weight and I have no problems with it on my shoulder. They only thing is that it is a bit wide but it easily collapses since the leather is so soft.
  3. ^ thank you!
    I know that trying this on at NM or Saks is going to be dangerous.
  4. this bag...have you been to your BV? The sales associates are the best by me! Love them!!!

    That bag is wonderful. I wish you lived by me.
  5. I should have said it is comfy and the leather is yummy.
  6. OMG, that bag is HOT!! I love Bella's pink one but I think I'm shooting for Ebano. I'm in trouble now!!
  7. LOL...we all are in trouble!

    Do yourself a favor Greentea...don't step foot in a Bottega Veneta by you. Everything will capture you from the bags to shoes to clothes. It is all gorgeous. The BV has been killing me for a long time. Just stay out of the store or have some money to blow!
  8. ^ I KNOW! I have to go to SCP for the BV store, thank goodness. I love the shoes so much, too.

    I've popped in there a couple of times but just on my way to Hermes. Now, I might stay awhile.....
  9. I have the Cocker in Poudre (same as Bella1’s). The pink is like dusty pink with a hint of lilac. The bag is light and super soft (gets even softer by the day). Sits nicely and comfortably on the shoulder too. At times, it does gets kinda wide at the sides but it slouches very easily (like the picture of Bella1).

    I was debating between Poudre and Ebano as well. I went for the lilac pink as the colour is really pretty and quite hard to come by. IMO, the pink is not too girly (yet so lady like) and it’s truly a neutral pink that would transcend seasons. It lends the Cocker a fun vibe (you really have to see it in person). Moreover, Poudre is a seasonal colour and I did not want to miss out (Ebano is always available).

    Having said that, it really depends on your own colour scheme and usage, Greentea. Ebano is of course THE classic colour of Bottega. It’s really classy and easy to wear all year round. No matter which colour you go for in the end, you will definitely have a classic bag with an edge that is truly one of its kind.

    P/s It’s for sure highly risky (for the heart and wallet) to step into a BV store, EVERYTHING in Bottega is TDF.
  10. ^ That's a good point! I've never seen anything else like the Cocker. I'm set on Ebano but have to try on the bag first to see if it works on my frame. This would be an everyday day-into evening bag for me that I could alternate with my LV Speedy.
  11. I really like how you describe the Poudre- I keep coming back to pictures of it that our forum members have shared and I agree that it just isn't pink- more of a neutral.
    I have been a Cocker fan since before we had any subforums and one of our members bought it in navy. But there is something special about this season's colors in my mind and I really have to consider adding one of them before year's end. Poudre and Limo are my favorites. Has anyone seen the Cocker in Limo?
    Greentea- are you considering looking for this on your trip to Italy? What fun to plan shopping there.:drool:
  12. Greentea when you visit BV please give us your full report.
  13. Well, I SHOULD be good and wait for Italy. But that's in one year. I'm going to check out the bag and see if I can live w/o it until then. :smile:
  14. DON'T DO IT GREENTEA...TRUST ME!!!! After my last visit about a month ago I have been dying to buy a bag from BV!!! I am warning you...the leathers are so scrumptious! Oh my....