1. So..excuse me if this has been done before, feel free to delete it if it has :smile:.

    I went on an exchange trip to Berlin this summer, and while I was there I bought a cute pink nylon Coccinelle bag for 100 euros. I was just wondering if anybody knew anything about them, are they nice bags or did I get ripped off?

    Thanks in advance!:smile:
  2. Coccinelle is an Italian brand, like Furla. Their bags are good quality and 100 Euros if a fair price for one of their non-leather bags
  3. hello, I've recently bought a coccinelle, and I must say the leather is really good. I paid 250 € for a big shoulder bag (sorry, no pics), where I can put a lot of stuff. At the moment I had to lend it to my mother, who fell in love with it immediately! Anyway, the price was fair, their leather bag are over 200 €, even over 300.