1. I bought two from Italy and they have 'coccinelle' written on the studs
  2. I had one which I sold (because I didn't like the colour). It was very well made (but Made in China), nice leather and good quality. I think it's a decent brand.
  3. I had one of these bags. Great quality. Unfortunately I bought one in a lavender, pink and dark purple suede which I used it every day and subsequently, it got dirty easily (the negatives of purchasing suede). But the quality is very good and the styles really nice. They are very hard wearing and long lasting and I would say come in the mid/high end range.
  4. I have three of them and I do like them a lot.
    There very well made and are at a good price and quality.
    I would recommend one
  5. Never heard of it!
  6. I loooove Coccinelle! Their bags are so reasonably priced and is good quality. Bought my mom a bag for a couple hundred euro when I went on vacation in Milan =)
  7. Funny this came up today... since I just ordered my first Coccinelle a couple of hours ago! :yahoo: I'll attach the stock picture below.
  8. It is an old school Italian brand..they started many, many years ago making small leather goods and keychains according to my italian MIL. She also said that it is a trusted label and the quality is simply fantastic as she still use some items she bought ages ago.
  9. I bought this suede dark brown Coccinelle bag 4 years ago and have loved it everytime i wore it. Its a simple style and will always look classy i think. The suede is very rich and theres not a single outfit it doenst go with... love brown bags:biggrin:
    3691445612_15809f9d17_o.jpg 3690499347_29599bd885_b.jpg
  10. My mom bought me a pink suede Coccinelle from Italy a few years ago..but it doesn't say Coccinelle anywhere on the bag itself, just on the paper tag. I hope it's not a fake. :sad:
  11. Oh my gosh!!! love it!! love it!!! love it!!! :yahoo::yahoo::yahoo:

    Very elegant!
  12. I really had to look for the name on mine too, have you checked the studs and zippers? Isnt it anywhere inside, perhaps on a leather tag?:weird:
  13. I have one Coccinelle in black and highly recommend the brand. As already mentioned by many here, the quality of leather in very high, the styles are attractive.
  14. Hey Zayna! :welcome2: Firstly, you did great opening a new thread instead of starting a new post. Way to go girl! What is it you don't like about the bag? It looks like a great, functional every day bag. If you are not feeling the love, you are doing the smart thing by returning it! I found, for myself personally, that I will no longer buy a handbag on line either. I had a similar thing happen. I ordered a bag from Bloomies only to find that it did not appear the same IRL. It can be a real let down and you shouldn't settle at any price.

    My advice to you is to check out bags in person if you can. Try them on. See how the dimensions of the bag "fit" you and if you love it, buy it! If you are not near any great stores or boutiques, research a lot of designer threads and really read the pros and cons of a bag that interests you. Best of luck and sorry the purchase did not work out for you.