Sep 20, 2005

My first time seeing this designer I like
anyone has bags from this brand? I saw a pretty nice bag today from this boutique near my workplace today. The new arrivals looks yummy. So wondering how is the quality of bags from this brand.

feedback would be most appreciated!
I've got a big shopper tote which I used all my university time. It's older than 10 years and still in very good shape and condition. Their quality is excellent for the price!!
they are quite popular in europe, lovely leather, although they tend to go on sale often and usually, i see them in the sale box that it just puts me off the brand and paying full price

have you checked they have quite a number of bags from this brand
The Coccinelle website gives you a list of most of the places that stock them around the world.

I've also seen them on and

I just purchased one from :

However, I am currently stressing that it may not be genuine as it has studs which say fiocchi on them whereas my other coccinelle bag has a coccinelle stamped stud on it.
It's not doing well in Singapore and closed down few years back. Furla is slightly more successful here but still under the radar as compared to more well established monogramcentric brands.