Coccinelle bags - anyone purchased any?

  1. Id be grateful to hear your opinions of this brand of handbags if you have purchased them.

  2. We went to two different Coccinelle stores while in Milan and Venice Italy. We all bought various bags and even brought some home as gifts for friends. Love the soft leather. A man at the Gucci store back in Beverly Hills even commented on the bag, and asked if it was purchased in Italy as he could tell from the soft Italian leather. Enjoy!
  3. I own 3 Coccinelle bags, plus my mum has 2. I like the leather, it's very durable. They are all posted in my bag showcase (link underneath). I've used the brown one all winter long and it looks like new and I get a lot of compliments, i can also stuff a lot of things.
  4. Thanks for your responses.

    I was eyeing the website and thought that the quality looked really good. Its just a brand I hadnt heard much about.
  5. Thanks for posting this. Their ads for the summer season bags are really eye-catching, gorgeous colours and although not my style, I too was wondering about them and why they don't pop up very often here. Interested to hear from others.
  6. Oh, I have been wondering about Coccinelle actually. I've seen some of the bags, but never really got a chance to find out if they are any good. So I'm happy I found this thread, I should really try getting a Coccinelle bag!
  7. I bought a Coccinelle bag 15 years ago and used it 10 years straight. In all that time the bag hold up perfect and it never needed repairs so IMO they'r super quality.
  8. Have an old Coccinelle bag and yes, the leather is SO soft.. dont wear it too much anymore, but maybe I should...
  9. I purchased Cocchinelle accessories at their very cute shop in Paris last year....had never heard of them before. My friend purchased one of their bags and she loves it!!! I am going to Venice at the end of the week and am looking forward to rediscovering Cocchinelle.
    I really was impressed with the quality and the styles.
    Unfortunately, you can only get it in Europe I believe
  10. ^ try, they have some Coccinelle bags and ship internationally
  11. This is my Coccinelle Dallas from 2007. I really like her thick leather. It's a nice bag with very good quality. It's worth buying it.:love:


  12. Hi, I've been working for Coccinelle store in Milan for some months...I love those bags, I always consider their bags when I want to buy one. I prefer their leather bags, not those in textile.
    I love the mini bags. I have one, crocodile printed leather, black. Posting a pic soon!
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