COBigelow mentha lip tint

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  1. This is my all time favorite stuff - got it at Bath and Body Works about 5 months ago. I did a search on it but no one has mentioned it on here. I am shocked no one seems to have found this stuff. It's minty - tastes great - moisturizing - and has the best hint of color. Any other users?
  2. Yes I use the light pink as well as the medium toned one, 1136. Good stuff.
  3. i love mentha lip shines! i love the tints and the original and i just got some on sale for $2! the soda fountain ones
  4. I have a couple too.
  5. I have some, I think they are good as well, taste great with nice color, although they never seem to moisturize that well on me.
  6. I have the light pink in 1137, it's beautiful on the lips.
  7. I own the Mentha Cinnamint Lipshine and the liptint in Plum. I like them both.
  8. I have the Double Chocolate Shake -it's shiny clear and absolutely yummy.
  9. I like them, but have noticed you have to be very careful as far as how much you put on, a little too much and you get that awful caked up look in the corners of your mouth. I know that happens with a lot of glosses, but this one seemed particularly susceptible to that caked up look
  10. I absolutely LOVE mentha lip gloss. I don't use any of the tinted ones (the colors aren't right for me.) I don't leave the house without one!
  11. I'm completely obsessed with them. I'm not a huge lipstick person so I use the one that is bright pink in the tube and it's just enough color for me.

    I cleaned out by bag the other day and found 5 of them. Hoard much?
  12. the only one i own is #1641 which is magenta mint. This is such a great color - so subtle and soooo pretty.
  13. I used to be a big fan but got annoyed that they would turn gritty for no apparent reason.
  14. I have a few, and I think they're great!
  15. i own a few and really like them! i find them pretty moisturizing too, for my dry lips. did they discontinue the original tints and come up with new ones though? on a recent trip to B&BW i didn't see 1136, 1138 etc and instead saw magenta mint, coral mint, etc...