cobble hill mini toddy

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  1. Hello ladies!

    I am basically brand new to kate spade. After two and a half years of strict loyalty to Michael Kors, I stepped into a kate spade outlet on vacation, and I fell in love. I bought a few things from the outlet and started looking at their non-outlet items. I ended up ordering a cobble hill mini toddy in Alice Blue from Nordstrom (it's on sale right now).

    I didn't really see this bag mentioned much on here, so I was wondering if anyone has had much experience with this bag?

    (I prefer small crossbody bags. My favorite bag has always been the Medium Selma Messenger from MK, so I'm hoping the size is somewhat similar.)
  2. I bought this bag (in black) as my second kate spade since Apr and I still enjoy carrying the bag. I also prefer small crossbody bagsand this definitely is one of my top favorite crossbody bags! I didn't find much reviews or comments either when I bought it but I'm glad I did it. I was quite surprised the bag can fit in quite alot of essentials like keys, headphones, iphone cable, small/slim powerbank, iphones, and my cedar street stacy wallet too! Size-wise it is smaller than MK Medium Selma Messenger - I own one too :smile: but I feel it is more lightweight in comparison, hope this helps :smile:

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  3. Very cute! Does an iPhone 6 fit in the front zippered pocket?
  4. No unfortunately it can't fit an iPhone 6, I only use that pocket for smaller stuff like hair ties, oil blotting sheets or keys :smile:
  5. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1469074588.087805.jpg ImageUploadedByPurseForum1469074599.885960.jpg ImageUploadedByPurseForum1469074613.020498.jpg

    I've only had mine for a little bit, but I've been loving it too! It definitely is slightly smaller than an MK medium Selma messenger but not by too much, which I really enjoy. I also like that the soft leather gives the bag more flexibility than my MK. When it comes to bags, I find that the less space I have then the less room I have to fill it with junk that I don't really need to be carrying (although there are definitely days where extra space is necessary)!

    Since I am new to kate spade, I found this adorable bag charm that I couldn't resist on eBay. It came without a tag, so there is a chance it's not authentic. However, as a crazy cat lady, I'm in love either way.
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  6. That's cute! And I love the color on the bag too! From the photo it looks more like a lilac lavender than blue color?
  7. Sorry the lighting wasn't that good in those pictures. Here's one with more natural light that is a truer representation of the "Alice Blue" color. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1469122683.586078.jpg
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  8. Pretty color!
  9. Such a pretty colour, congrats on your first of hopefully many Kate Spade bags!
  10. Just wanted to thank you guys, this thread really helped me make the decision to get the cobble hill mini toddy. The fact that it was also on sale on the website helped too!

    Will post pictures when it arrives in the mail!
  11. It arrived! 5 day shipping to Australia, very impressive! I got the Cobble Hill Mini Toddy in lakes edge/emerald forest/black. The flap colour is pretty true to the website in person (maybe a tad darker), it's a bit hard to photograph correctly.

    I love it! I'm 5'8" and the strap is perfect for me to wear cross body, very happy with my purchase especially on sale!

    Also including some pictures of it from the website.
    toddy-6909-3206l.jpg toddy-6909-3201l.jpg PXRU6909_320_1.jpg PXRU6909_320_3.jpg 423973001-blue-b24697ff-.jpeg
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