Cobalt Sample & Comparison

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  1. Hi Ladies - Bali here - back at home so wanted to provide examples of the the Cobalt and compare it to Petrol. I also have a "three-way" shot which compares the SS/'09 Cobalt on my PM, with my Petrol AP and the mirror holder from my '08 Bal Turquoise City. IT should hhelp you get a sense of the color range of the Cobalt.

    First picture is the Cobalt PM in the sun - I shot this on a white sheet facing the natural light coming through a window (no flash)


    Second picture below is the Cobalt PM inside - I shot this on a white sheet laid out on the floor (with flash)

    The third shot below is a comparison of the Cobalt PM and my Petrol AP - I shot this on the same sheet also laid out on the floor (with flash)

    The forth shot below is a comparison of the Cobalt PM, the Petrol AP and the Bal Turquoise Citi mirror card. I shot this on the same white sheet but with direct sun (no flash)
  2. Thanks Bali - that is really useful.

    From your photos, I find your BE Cobalt PM rather like my Balenciaga Electric Blue, although I think my Balenciaga bag was a deeper blue than your PM when it was new.
  3. Wow, these are excellent pics, Bali...I am sure they will be so helpful to the gals who are debated about the cobalt color!
  4. Jenova are you a bit happier with the colour now you have seen photos??
  5. Rather the opposite I am afraid.
  6. Is there no way you can e mail jackie and cancel order before its delivered?
  7. I am trying to swop colours but have not heard back from Rose or Jackie on this subject.
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    Bali...thanks so much for posting the color comparisons. I know you just got home and are probably still suffering from jet lag, so we really appreciate it.

    In you opinion based on the sample Jackie showed you when you met with her, do you think the color difference is only due to the way this color looks on a smaller item?

    I thought the color was darker. I emailed Jackie for some thoughts/opinion but I know she is on her way to Sweden.

    I totally trust Jackie and she specifically told me my cobalt MMS would be a knock-out bag....and I don't believe I have ever been disappointed in ANY BE color that I can think of.

    Jackie usually puts tremendous effort into her selections. Plus she did get a LMMidi in this color too. Not sure if she actually has it yet. It's so hard as monitors are so different, also.
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    Ok, I for one am shocked. I never expected that petrol would be darker than cobalt.
    When I placed my order for a Cobalt bag, I was under the impression that it was going to be at least close in color to that of the jimmy choo Mahala that L.Lohan was carrying or at least the color of the blots, that were on the website.

    I really do hope that BE specifically selected the "lighter" of the cobalt shaded leather for the pm (just due to its small size, so they felt that it would look nicer).

    And that for the bespokes the darker cobalt leathers will be used.

    To be quite honest, I already have a F+C- in this exact color, and while it's beautiful, and all...(Ms Lizardo can agree, that the color is lovely, she has seen the pics of my bag).

    But there was just no way that I wanted such a big bag in that color. And I have just placed an order for a LARGE MMS in Cobalt, so I am truly hoping that the Cobalt will be richer and darker.
    I do strongly think that the lighter colors might have just been selected for that reason *wishful thinking*
  10. WOW BG...thanks so much for posting the pix. I don't know about the cobalt but I am fully convinced that I have to get a bag in looks gorgeous in your pictures!!!
  11. Someone mentioned that maybe the PM's were made from one-off's, variations, or surplus leathers that would account for the color differences. I'm wondering (and hoping) this is the case.

    Honestly...someone would have had to see the PM's once they arrived in England. I would think at the least since Jackie is getting a bag in this color if there was an issue or mix-up she would have contacted the workshop. I mean after all she is getting the same color......

    I agree Gem....I so love and wanted that Choo color. Hopefully we will hear from Jackie soon about this. I am not willing to change or cancel an order until we know what's going on. After all my luck is that I would cancel and it would be the most FAB color in the world. I know there are already quite a few bags that are sold out in this color already!
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    ^ Those are my exact sentiments- I dont want to jump ship, before we really know. And lets be honest, Cobalt sounds absolutely fabulous, just like Aubergine ;)

    BTW- Thanks for posting the pics Bali
  13. That's very helpful, Bali! Thank you for taking these pics!!
  14. Thanks so much for the pics! I am not that happy with the blue, I must admit this, I am really neither a blue or green person at all.
    I can only hope that on a large surface it'll be darker and more cobalt! What is working for my hopes is the fact that even the Petrol does not look like the petrol I have. But on the brighter side , I can always gift the LM to somebody loving the blue ;) -so I am def. not cancelling!
  15. ^ wow that'll be a great gift