Cobalt Patent Wristlet

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  1. Just thought I'd share some pics :smile:

    IRL It's a lot darker than I thought it would be. It's pretty and I'm still debating on a Sabrina in this color, however, I think I'd prefer a patent camel one as I LOVE the chain strap!

    Madison Patent Wristlet in Cobalt. #43156. $68 from Macy's.

  2. That color is stunning! thanks for sharing the pics!
  3. It is darker than I had thought. Very pretty though!
  4. It's weird that the hardware isn't brass like the maggie. Oh well! Still so pretty.
  5. that color is gorgeous. thanks for sharing pictures
  6. Oh, it's darker than I would have thought, too. Still very pretty, though. Thanks for posting pics for color reference!
  7. Doesn't the cobalt patent Sabrina have silver hardware? So it'd make sense for the Madison wristlet to match the Sabrina.
  8. I was fondling this in Macy's today:P..doing a little pre-outlet run "recon"!!!!
  9. Yes ^^
  10. oh okay, that makes sense then. I wish it came in a capacity size. I know, I'm needy hehe
  11. love the deep rich color.. thanks for the pic.
  12. I so wanted this but my macy*s didn't have this or the mini skinny in stock.
  13. There's a MFF capacity wristlet that comes in navy patent. It has silver hardware and a lime green lining--I have one and love it! Let me go track down a pic.
  14. Love the color some how I wish Coach would make a slim wallet this color