Cobalt/Marine Matinee up on Ebay! Great price!

  1. I don't know if it was her, but there was another Marine/Cobalt Matinee on eBay a couple days ago at a similar price and it got snapped up in no time - I imagine this one will too.
  2. Yes it was HauteChick. She seems to have an inside line to the new bags.
  3. HauteChick ROCKS....her pics are A-mazing too.

    Who's snapping this one up????
  4. ^ Not you 'Tessa?? ;)
  5. And here I was thinking it'd be you pussycat!
  6. My trigger-happy finger is itchin'.....someone please get it before I do! I really like the color-on-color combo on this (I'm not as much a fan of the contrast flaps). I actually woke up this morning thinking, "I hope someone bought that blue matinee" and here it still is....someone get it please and save me from myself! (falls down dramatically in a heap on the floor)
  7. Wow, thank you for the heads up. This is a beautiful color!
  8. ^Indeed it is! Someone swoop that beauty up before my resolve fails me!