Cobalt blue vs. royal blue

  1. and here is a pic of the 'new' royal blue from Hirshleifers, courtesy of another member:

  2. why did I have to see that^ why!:pout:
  3. One more to tempt.
  4. From this pic i think royal blue is shade darker than cobalt,from cotonblanc pic i thinkkk hmmm it looks like same shade as cobalt.. I m confused now,should i wait for the royal blue or just buy the cobalt with royal blue price ..
  5. I have seen cobalt luggage in person and I believe the intensity and the vivid hue of the blue is not the same as the royal blue luggage picture above. True, that the other items in royal blue like the trio may appear to be similar to the cobalt but that may be due to the different leather being used. So, with that being said, I do not feel that the royal blue is a good substitute for those who hanker after the richness of the cobalt.

    Like they say in the Far East, same same but different. :graucho: :p
  6. Ur comment makes me sure 100 % that i should grab the cobalt.. :graucho:
  7. Yes, go for Cobalt. Don't settle for the Royal Blue. Royal Blue looks really flat for Fall 2012 compared to the trio reiteration in Royal Blue or the original Cobalt. It just doesn't make you go WOAH when you first see it based on all the pictures that have surfaced and most of them shot in different lighting conditions.

    Oh, and also the original Cobalt will be lined in a lovely contrasting Olive Green leather! I don't suppose the new Fall 2012 Royal Blue ones will receive the same, ahem, royal treatment.
  8. If anyone has any intel on a cobalt nano.... Please enlighten me!
  9. Me too! :p
  10. im glad i found this thread! :smile: im actually liking the royal blue so i already pre-ordered a royal blue micro luggage. hope i made the right choice.
  11. Hey Kate,
    Where did you pre-order a Royal Blue Micro? It seems like none of the retailers are carrying Micro! :sad:
  12. Definitely go with the cobalt blue. It is a beautiful color.
  13. Here are photos of my cobalt taken without flash....
    TONS more photos on my blog!

  14. Thanks for those pictures! I find the photographs of these two colours so confusing! They look the same to me but people who've seen them IRL say they are different.

    I guess we will find out soon. The new royal blues are supposed to arrive in June so it could be any day now?!
  15. Thanks for your pretty photo! hope i can get one of these color in mini luggage