Cobalt Blue vs. Royal Blue

  1. Which one is darker in ostrich? I've only seen Cobalt Blue (LOVE it too) in person but never Royal Blue.
  2. Shoes319 has a Blue Roi ostrich Kelly. I think it's in the ref. thread. I love this shade of blue on ostrich.
  3. Is there a comparison of the two side by side? I'm under the impression that they MIGHT be close in shade because teh SAs always get teh two confused. I've seen Cobalt Blue Ostrich on two occasions, once in a HAC 28cm and the other on a mini Trim; both are absolutely gorgeous. I think my very first blue Hermes bag is going to be in cobalt blue ostrich

    Btw, I didn't know that Sapphire comes in ostrich too~ Soooo beautiful:nuts:
  4. Here's my baby...bleu roi ostrich...:heart:

    HObg 001.jpg
  5. I can't get enough of these "blue" shades! Beautiful! I would like to see the cobalt blue on ostrich (love that color) and I'm sure whichever one you pick, Kou, will be stunning :yes:
  6. Shoes- everytime I see your bleu roi ostrich, I just fall more and more in love with that bag! It is just gorgeous!!!:heart::heart::heart:
  7. Thank you jag! She's been on a break for the summer now - looking to take her out again soon! I love ostrich....and the color blue!
  8. Is the Cobalt Blue different from Sapphire Blue? If not, then the Bleu Roi would most likely be darker in Ostrich. I think Luxury Zurich had an ostrich agenda in Sapphire Blue at one time on the site. Very vibrant.

    I have the Bleu Roi in Chevre and Sapphire Blue in Fjord, Sapphire Blue is considerably a brighter blue, whereas Bleu Roi is more muted. Here's a link to my picture:
  9. I LOOOOOOVE that Blue Roi chevre and I also love the shade in ostrich. This, or the new Brighton Blue is going to be my choice.
    My guess is that Cobalt and Sapphire are the same, if not very similar?
  10. No, Cobalt Blue and Sapphire Blue are different:yes: . I saw the two blues in the leather book and Sapphire is a darker shade. That's why I'm really confused about Cobalt Blue vs. Royal Blue because I know they're also different but I hadn't seen Royal Blue live so I don't know how the shade is in comparison to Cobalt. They SEEMED really close in shade because the SAs are always confused about them - both times they have to check the tag.

    My only knowledge of Royal Blue is from looking at pictures. If the shade of Royal Blue Ostrich on the computer is what it looks like in real life, THEN Cobalt Blue Ostrich is a bit darker (it's got more of a blue tone while Royal Blue looks like it has more of a grey tone). However, since I've NEVER seen Royal Blue ostrich live, I'm really curious. Btw, I LOVE Royal Blue, it's a gorgeous shade of blue especially in ostrich~~
  11. That is so interesting. Sapphire Blue is one of those colors that looks amazingly different depending on what leather you choose. I asked my SA what was the brightest blue (this was about 1.5 years ago) b/c I was looking for a bright "electric" blue Birkin and she told me that Sapphire Blue in Fjord would be the brightest. I made it to a store and saw the swatch in Box, and it was so dark! But in the Fjord--see my bag in the link in my earlier post--it's very bright--a completely different color. I plan on making a trip to Hermes BH on Tuesday so I'll ask my SA about the Cobalt and see a swatch. So many blues...
  12. Please let us know what you found out! All I know right now is Sapphire, Cabalt Blue, and Royal Blue are three different colors since they all come in ostrich leather. Unfortunately, I never have the chance to see all three swatches at once. They're all gorgeous colors though, I just wish I have seen Royal Blue in person as well, I'll bet it's absolutely stunning~~~

    Btw, Sapphire comes in chevre, right? I've seen Sapphire in regular leather as well and it is totally TDF!
  13. Okay, I'll report back when I return from my trip next week. When I was figuring out what leather to order, my SA said at the time that the Sapphire Blue was being done only in certain leathers. I don't think Chevre was one of them...I think it may have to do with color absorption. I originally bought my bleu roi kelly off eBay thinking that it was the "electric" blue I wanted b/c the flash made the color appear brighter, and when I got it was so disappointed that it was such a muted blueberry color. I think the pic of my Kelly is an accurate reflection of Bleu Roi in's just that I wear jeans all the time that the color really seems to disappear into them. If you wore lighter colors, the color would be beautiful. In the photos I've seen, Bleu Roi in Croc is so beautiful though...a bit brighter.
  14. Okay, went to Hermes in BH. The SA wasn't aware of a color called Cobalt Blue so perhaps she just doesn't know. She says that the Sapphire Blue on my Birkin as well as the Bolide they had was the brightest shade of blue she was aware of. I also didn't see the Cobalt Blue amongst the swatches. I was a little focused on the reds though so I may have bypassed it.
  15. This is so confusing. I know that the HAC I saw said Cobalt Blue and same goes with the Mini Trim. The SA pulled out the tag and it said Cobalt Blue on both occasions (HAC and mini Trim), therefore I'm suspecting this may be one of those cases where they may have changed the name of a color due to leather or something. Btw, I don't see Cobalt Blue in the leather swatches either, last time I asked they said it's one of the newer colors so that's why they don't have it updated yet. Gah, so confusing. But I really like Cobalt Blue in ostrich, it's a pretty dark blue.:yes: