cobalt blue simple pump - did anyone get a pair?

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  1. Saw an earlier thread looking for a specific size. I *adore* this combo - would be better in patent cobalt blue, but love this all anyway.

    Did anyone actually get their hands on a pair? Has anyone SEEN a pair in a store?? Only place I saw them was NAP.
  2. No, but I have been admiring those for months!
  3. I saw those at Barneys Beverly Hills. They had a 37 and a 37.5 left instore. Very gorgeous IRL
  4. Ohhh, I bought these when I saw them on NAP a while back (my size is 38.5)!! :love: :smile: :love: Here is a pic of them (and my tortoise decollete's to the left). :love: I tried on a pair of blue patent CL's with silver trim at NM recently, but they were a bit too disco for me haha, so I'm happy I bought my simple pumps instead. :tup: :nuts:

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  5. Both those pairs of Louboutins are so beautiful. I love the tortoise decollete's. I also tried on those blue patent CLs with silver trim and I know what you mean about them being disco.
  6. I love your disco comments! I would love to see those shoes IRL!
  7. Thank you lovespeonies! :flowers: :heart: Maybe my foot is just odd haha, but I actually find decollete's to be very comfortable... I'm loving the tortoise so much (I have black patent too)! :nuts: :love: Haha, yeah the blue "disco" CL's were fun, but a little too "I'm chillin in the (or da!) club" for me! :P

    - I tried them on at NM if that helps! :flowers: The other thing about the shoes is that with every pair I saw (at least five, because I'm picky haha!), the silver leather edging the blue patent had areas where the silver was already fading (on unworn shoes no less)! :sad: I'm not sure how those babies would look after one or two wears, but hey, if you're in "da" club, who cares right hehe!? :P
  8. sold out in my size before I could even order them. I wish I did though.
  9. They are gorgeous in that color. They really pop.