1. I hate shopping for coats......luckily I live in los angeles so a coat isn't really necessary here (which is why I don't own one).......but I still want one..........I want a pea coat........and I really like the long my question is.......what is a flattering length for me (being 5 ft tall and 100 lbs).........I've always hated wearing coats because I always feel that they are wearing me instead of me wearing yeah what style would be the most flattering..........I don't want a coat that will make me look shorter

    what kind of coats do you guys like to wear?
  2. I'd go w/ something fitted, single breasted, and above the knee. A slim fitted trench (belted) is great. You can get a thin, unlined one.
    Alternatively, if you are not short-waisted, a short straight jacket w/ mandarin collar.
  3. I'm all set for winter! Just bought this from Marc Jacobs in black.

    I'm about your weight and height, and tis is perfect for me, cos its a little flared and sooo cute!
    NMT0QL9_an.jpg NMT0QL9_mn.jpg
  4. I like 3/4 length. I'm not all that tall.
  5. Londondolly, that coat is gorgeous!!!! I am not too tall either(5'2"), so I don't really go for coats at the knee or below, but coats above the knee are always fine with me, also with below the knee boots(makes you taller looking.)
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