Coats For This Winter

  1. I would love to know what coats are you wearing this winter. Anything new and stylish you bought???:roflmfao: If you can post pics that would be fantastic!!!!
  2. I bought this Matthew Williams from NAP :yahoo: last week, it looks way better in person, the colors are really rich and the gold threads sparkle.
    Photo from NAP:
  3. I am looking for a suede coat, below the waist. I think I might want to do something with fake fur around the collar and cuffs. I saw a beautiful suede coat like that the other night while shopping but I did not have time to really check it out. I found a long suede light tan coat like this last year and it was marked down twice and I passed it up because I thought light tan/cream would get too dirty. I hate winter so any clothes shopping is horrible for me.
    I am in NJ now and need to buy winter clothes but I keep putting it off. I hate the dark colors in stores and it just seems too depressing.
  4. I love that Mathew Williamson coat! I just find it might be too thin for the winter in my city.
  5. I finally bought the short Duffel coat by Burberry in black, with a hoodie. It's unlined though so not sure how warm it will keep me during the coldest winter days. Luckily there are many cold days (but not too cold) in autumn and winter and beginning of spring when i can wear it.
  6. If I knew how to post pictures I would (I am so hopeless with the computer), but anyway... I bought three new coats this year and they are all very pretty.

    I bought a black leather jacket from, a pink and brown plaid raincoat from J. Peterman and a brown wool Eileen Fisher coat. I've got my eye on a couple more, but must save my money for handbags! LOL!
  7. what is
  8. It's a clothing and home furnishings company owned by Robert Redford. They have a catalog and they're on-line too. A lot of their clothes are "western"-oriented so not really my style, but I think their leather jackets are good for every day casual and of excellent quality.
  9. Thanks for the info!!
  10. I bought a Michael Kors jacket in early September in preparation, which I ADORE - but I've lost about 15 pounds since then and now it's big - and I plan on losing more weight - and I don't know what to do! It's a large, I should've gotten a medium - any ideas? You think it couldbe tailored perhaps? I love it to death especially on cold days like today!

  11. I love your coat! Where did you get it? If I had seen it, I would have bought it too! Really nice!

    And yes, I think you can have it altered. I bought a raincoat from Anthropologie last year and ordered the wrong size by mistake (too big). I didn't want to exchange it - as crazy as this sounds - I just wanted THAT particular coat. So I took it in for alterations and they were able to make the sleeves shorter.
  12. I don't know yet.. I still have my northface and fleece, but am looking for something more sophisticated or edgy.
  13. I've been wearing a long babydoll style Betsey Johnson black velvet coat. It's super adorable, has puffed shoulders, balloon sleeves, and a total babydoll type shape.. has side buttons that are off centered.. soooo cute!! :yes:
  14. It's from Saks :love:
  15. I want to get a Northface this winter...I also like a Juicy parka I saw on Elux