Coats for this season - pea coat or trench?

  1. What type of coat is in for the upcoming fall/winter season? I'm looking for basic black, professional.

    Thanks :heart:

    Editted to ask: also, what about length??? I'm looking now at, macy's - etc - what length is good? Pics would be extremely helpful and/or links/suggestions on where to buy...?
  2. I love pea coat esp toggle. It's warmer and has elegant & professional looking. IMO, trench coat seems for a casual looking.
    also, if u live in the cold winter area, I'll suggest you buy the pea coat. Good luck.
  3. ^^^^ yeah I'm in upstate NY, so it gets coooooold. What is a toggle? :blushes:
  4. I :heart: my peacoat!
  5. They are all very cute but mine is similar to this one that you posted:
    I think it also depends on how you want to wear them (the style), with skirts, jeans etc.
  6. toggle coat is something like this.. see different of the common buttons and this one :yes: hehe i think toggle coat is very cute. love it :p
  7. Pea coat with military style detailing.

    Alternatively, parkas are also super cute ! :yes:
  8. i always wear a peacoat but in my case it's absolutely nothing to do with being professional :shame: i just prefer them.

    for the sort of climate i am in in the winter i'd look hugely fat in any trench warm enough anyway :lol: for warmth i wear a parka or something like that. my winter coat i got last year (and still adore) has a bubble hem and balloon sleeves which was great because i cycled a lot then and needed to be able to move.
  9. If I wear black slacks to work, would a black peacoat be overkill on the black? Should I go for a color..?

    Also, sizing - all the coats I find come no smaller than a size 4. How do coat sizes work? I'm typically an XS and a size 0 in pants. Will a size 4 be huge on me?

    I should go to Woodbury Commons and look around there... I was at the mall yesterday and there isn't a big selection of coats just yet.
  10. I'm a (student) teacher, so I don't have to be that professional, if that makes sense... I don't want to look overdone... I like the length of that coat..hmm..
  11. i like this one best but i always like this cannot go wrong with black, it goes with everything.
  12. I am in this EXACT dilemma! Should I get a pea coat for dressier days and then a big black parka for other days! UGH! I hate coat shopping!