Coats for the tiny, size 0/xs girls?

  1. I've been trying to cultivate a fall/winter wardrobe but am having much difficulty in the size department. Where can I find coats for smaller girls? Looking specifically for a pea coat or something in that genre. Or any suggestions on a good coat that suits the size 0/xs frame?
  2. Have you checked stores that carry petites lines? Like Banana Republic and J.Crew? Both make nice pea coats.
  3. I'm a petite girl and I think Benetton has a decent collection. But I would appreciate other suggestions as well.
  4. also try mackage. They make great jackets. I bought an incredible one for winter 05/06 and then I moved to southern california late 2006 and now I am so sad I only get to wear it when I go back east every December:cursing:

    I got mine at bloomies but you should be able to find online to see where else the line is available. I have also seen at Atrium in NYC.
  5. So I looked all over and found a peacoat at macys in a size 2 - I ordered it and we'll see how it fits :/
  6. Like another poster mentioned, I would definitely check out stores that make petite-specific items like J. Crew or Banana Republic. Finding a peacoat right now might be a little difficult since most stores have not brought out their full winter lines yet, so I would check back in a couple of months.

    J. Crew petite jackets:
    Banana Republic petite jackets:

    I'm really tiny and a size Petite 0/XS at Banana Republic is too big for me, but the Petite 0/XS at J. Crew is perfect so I would try J. Crew first. Plus, online orders can be returned to the stores. Juicy Couture also makes jackets that tend to run smaller but the sleeves tend to be a bit longer on them on some styles. Good luck finding your perfect winter coat!
  7. i have a hard time finding coats that fit. i've had luck w/ H&M, though the quality isn't great, and this canadian store called space FB. Mackage fits bit on me, even if its XS. Good luck, and let me know if you end up finding a brand that works for small framed girls.
  8. love jcrew coats, and via spiga (saw some on bluefly last winter) makes great 3/4 length coats for sz 0 and up.
  9. I'm petite 0/XS and I've had better luck at JCrew than Banana Republic. I have found that BR petites still run a little big on me. If you don't mind that it's a teen line, Delia's has coats that fit me perfectly every time and doesn't break the bank either. Kenneth Cole might also have some PXS. Try Bluefly too! Good luck!
  10. Express and Victoria's Secret are where I get mine. I'm 5'3" and 105 pounds. They have small sizes. As some of the other girls have said, Banana Republic would be a good place to look as well.
  11. Burberry's Ivybridge trench runs small and looks great! Very flattering and chic...The 2 fit more like a 0 and was perfect on me. Good luck with your hunt!
  12. OH YEAH mas - good call on Delia's! You should try kids stores! Like the kids Abercrombie, Gap Kids, the Bloomingdale's kids section! I'm of average height but I'm a 0/XS and I still fit into an kids size 16/XL. I find that Abercrombie, while it has horrid clothes, has really cute coats sometimes. Check there!

  13. I love Mackage, I can't wait to go back to Canada to look for a Mackage coat that I want but sadly I have the same fate as you. I have a closet full of coats and nowhere to where them too.

    My sister is tiny xs size 0 and her Mackage coat fits her like a glove.
  14. ^ I agree! =) I have a Mackage Coat and fits me really well. I'm petite as well.
    Also, I just recently purchased one from The brand is "Coffee Shop" and its the one with a low hip belt that comes in black, cream, and scarlet.Price is very reasonable at $95 roughly. The coat is really cute in person and an XS fits me perfect!
  15. Miss Sixty is a good bet too. I bought a black coat from there last year and people have stopped me on the street to ask where they can get one too.