Coats for longer arms

  1. Ah, I find all kinds of cute coats but can never find one for long arms. My Jcrew coat hits right at my wrist bone. I would prefer it to be about an inch longer. When I asked about the coat in long back at the beginning of winter, the lady at JCrew said the coats in regular are actually a little longer in the sleeves than the longs. That didn't make sense to me so I called again later on and they told me the same thing. They told me the measurements on the sleeves of each and they are different.

    I am looking for a trench coat for the Spring. Are there any anyone can recommend or perhaps one with excess fabric at the end so I can let the fabric out an inch or so?
  2. IDK for sure, but I've always found that Burberry coats have long arms. I have to get them shortened actually.