Coating/Edging on vachetta leather down sides of Speedy B

  1. Has anyone ever touched up on their own a very small area of edging on a vachetta strap? If so, can you recommend a good/perfect color match of what you used? I noticed a very small area where it looks like the edge was cut slightly weird and they missed applying the reddish color. I'll attach pics to show what I am referring to. Two pics are close up and one is from a distance. Thanks:smile: IMG_1502975567.039087.jpg IMG_1502975582.409205.jpg IMG_1502975592.822290.jpg
  2. Personally I would take it in and have LV do the slight repair - it seems small enough where there would be no charge. I am always a little leery about fixing things myself for something to happen down the line that LV will not fix because I applied super glue or something to it.
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  3. Thanks! The bag is brand new. I sent pics to my SA and she said that edge dying is done before the bag is made. It's not something they repair. It's the dye not glaze that was missed. She said my only option would be to exchange but there are no guarantees that there won't be some other imperfection being that these bags are handmade. She said that edge dying isn't to prevent fraying , it's more decorative. This bag was an exchange for another that had a lot of wrinkling on the strap and sides. Aside from that small area the bag looks perfect. I'm so torn now on what to do
  4. The bag is defective. It's not normal for something like that to be missed. I would either exchange the bag or request that they replace the leather.
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  5. I would be afraid the vachetta may start to fray in this area, I would exchange it and not accept another defective bag. Sorry, I know it's frustrating to keep exchanging but you have to be satisfied with your purchase in the long run, good luck!
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  6. I'm so upset! My SA said that she'd create a reservation for another as there are none in store. My exchange period is almost over if they go by the date of the initial purchase so hopefully they get another in soon. I feel like they think I'm crazy! First too many wrinkles in the vachetta and now this. They always tell me everything is "normal" too :sad:
  7. Even if your exchange window is almost over, is there any way you could leave this bag with them and just wait for the replacement?
    I totally understand how you feel, I've been there too :sad: don't worry about what they think, so what if they think we're being pesky, what matters is that you end up feeling happy and satisfied with your bag, not feeling like you spent a lot money to get a defective bag. Please let us know how it goes, be strong! lol ;)
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  8. Thank you! I'm feeling so disappointed in LV right now! I'm not sure why I worry about what they think, but I do :sad:
  9. Seeing it from their perspective, it must be frustrating for SA's that customers keep exchanging bags, I'm sure they want to sell a bag and be done, but it's not our fault that quality control is not the best right now.
    I would just be sympathetic to their position but still be firm, after all you're just trying to be happy with your purchase.
    I have felt intimidated by their attitude before, like I'm too picky for wanting a bag without defects, but by standing my ground I've been able to enjoy all my purchases and continued to love the brand even after all the inconveniences. sorry about all my ramblings, I could identify with your frustration and I really hope a nice SA is able to help you :smile:
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  10. I'm sure it is difficult dealing with many returns and exchanges. I don't want to be that "here she comes again" customer! I think that is why I'm feeling so intimidated and unsure of whether I should just keep what I have and try not to focus on it:sad:
  11. Keep it if you can live with this flaw, whatever makes you feel more comfortable :smile:
    If you rather exchange keep in mind that it's their job to sell, return and exchange items all day, to many customers. Even if you annoy them for a minute, I'm sure they'll get over it by lunch time :smile:
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  12. Thank you:smile:
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  13. It's their job. You do not need to worry about pleasing them; if they're offended by an exchange of a bag that clearly has defects then you need new SAs. They should feel apologetic that you were sold two bags with defects and if they're good at what they do they should realize that those are, in fact, defects. I wouldn't even consider keeping this bag any longer because I can tell it bothers you. You should get what you paid for - a brand new bag in perfect condition. That's it, nothing else. If your SAs have a problem with that, you can take your business elsewhere.
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  14. not sure why it posted 2x
  15. Wow, she does not think much of her product. There should be NO imperfection handmade or not especially since it is handmade! If it were my bag I would take it back. I am a perfectionist and I demand that my lux goods be just that perfection.

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