coated tattersall transfer issues... please help.

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  1. Oh, sniffle. The care card that came with my heritage stripe tattersall demi said to store the bag with the strap tucked inside to prevent the pink leather from transferring to the coated canvas. WELL, I do store it accordingly, but somehow (from the hangtag perhaps?) there is a hot pink smudge on the coated canvas. It's not actually THAT bad, but it's making me crazy because I love it and have only carried it twice, and it's right on the front of the bag.

    It won't come off and it's breaking my heart (as if I need more of that going on). Has anybody had this problem or know how to fix it? I'm all kinds of upset, and I'm thinking about taking her back and calling it a day with the coated tattersall, even though I don't really want to.

    I appreciate any help you gals can offer. I know there have been transfer issues, but I haven't heard of problems with the pink, usually just denim. Thanks in advance for any responses.

    At least the Red Sox won today. :heart:
  2. Oh I am so sorry. I haven't used mine yet, so I can't help with the transfer. Someone else said a "Mr. Clean Magic Eraser". Have you tried a search?
  3. Thanks... I've been trying and nothing has helped. It's so frustrating! I'm going to try the magic eraser in the morning.

    So much for a good kick-around-on-the-weekend sort of bag.
  4. do you have a pic of the smudge?
  5. Okay, the picture isn't the best, but you can sort of see what I'm talking about.

    I tried the magic eraser, but it didn't help.

    I'm pretty ticked... I know others have had denim transfers, and silly me, I thought "well I wear it under my arm and it doesn't rub against my jeans, so I shouldn't have any trouble!" I think she might be going back to the store, sadly. :hrmm:

    Thanks for the responses!

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  6. Well, if it were me, since it's transfer from part of the bag and not your own clothing or something, I would take it back. :yes: That is frustrating and a lot of money to spend only to have that happen. :tdown:
  7. oh yes I see the smudges, weird how it smudged in 2 places! That is definitely not right for such a new bag, I would take it back and have it swapped!
  8. Take! It! Back! for something equally as gorgeous, you will be much more relieved and happier in the long run! Coach should also see this for themselves, so they know to better manufacture this style.

    I was going to get the heritage stripe cosmetic pouch in the pink trim, but prob. won't now.
  9. Thank you all...

    I'm really bummed, I love this bag and don't want to just get something else, but this coated tattersall just doesn't seem to be worth it.
  10. When I first saw the Tattersall line, even though its so cute and coated canvas, the first thing I thought was if something gets on that light color, I dont care how much the canvas is coated, its going to leave a stain of some sort. That does lessen the appeal of it since its supposed to be an easy care, throw around kind of bag.
  11. I am with you donnalynn! I would be so angry if I got it dirty, but I thought that the coated canvas was supposed to be easier to take care of??? That really stinks!:tdown:
  12. Okay. She went back to the store. It was really sort of an ordeal... Dillard's insisted that they couldn't take the return and that I needed to take up the issue with Coach. I set off to the boutique, and the SA's and manager there are really sweet. She was happy to help me and said that I could take a merchandise credit or apply it toward something else. I wanted the patent ergo in pond, but she said she couldn't get it anymore...?! I decided whatever, I'll just take the credit. As she goes through the motions of processing the whole thing, she tells me that because it was a department store exclusive, the item isn't on file and she will have to talk to customer service to get it taken care of, which will take a few days. I told her that would be fine, and she said she'd call.

    At this point I'm getting a little teary, so my aunt and I go to California Pizza Kitchen to nurse my Coach pain over a cobb and a Sapphire & tonic. We had to walk back through Dillard's to leave, and I decided to take up this issue with a manager. They really gave me a hard time, but finally gave me my money back... and immediately set about scrubbing at the smudge on the bag... :s

    I am now without my tattersall demi, though I did keep the mini skinny. There is good news to this....

    I'm buying a Legacy shoulder bag (10328) in Pond... and I'm really excited. I think it will work out a lot better for me than either the demi or the patent ergo.

    Thanks everybody! ;)