Coated leather bucket bag, what does this mean?

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  1. Hello, everyone. I am looking at the forward by elyse walker website, there is one bucket bag called coated large bucket bag. The style no is 003a. However, it did not mention anything different in the product details. Does anyone know what the coated large bucket bag mean?
  2. I forget to mention the color is cammello and rosa. That is why I am confused.i thought the coated calf leather does not come in those color.
  3. That's strange because the cammello is the vegetable tanned leather and that is not coated. I wonder what they mean?
  4. Perhaps email or call? The interior would be coated leather, not sure what they are referring to.
  5. I got a Cammello veg tan bucket from Laprendo and only found out afterwards that they specially have their veg tan bags coated (some special arrangement with MG?), because their Asian customers were complaining too often about marks. I would've liked the bag to age a bit but instead it's stayed quite stiff and clean. Not sure if Elyse Walker is now doing this to their veg tan bags, you could check with them.
  6. This is my mini lady from LaPrendo which may also have the coating on it-I actually really like that it is not scratching.

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  7. The vegetable tanned leather is supposed to develope a darkening patina as it ages. The scratching is all part of the patina which blends in as it ages. I love the patina on my Brandy bucket. I am glad it was left natural and not coated.
  8. Since I have an over abundance of brandy-large tote, large bucket and too many other MG veg tanned to talk about, I didn't mind this at all. I am curious how it will react to rain.
  9. It might be a good idea to spray it with rain protector just in case.
  10. Please let us know how it wears in comparison to your other bags!
  11. It is holding up beautifully and has a gorgeous sheen. I definitely like it over the calf leather and since brandy doesn't patina like cammello, I am actually loving this finish.
  12. Oh that's great. I am thinking about getting a mini lady--the one size I don't you find it comparable to the mini bucket in terms of capacity?
  13. Yes, pretty much the same, size wise.
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  14. The coating was a deal breaker for me. I had to let go of my much wanted camello azzuro bucket because of it. Made it look like the camello colour was painted on (and not very well) so I sold it. Got a different camello combination recently and MUCH happier with it.
  15. image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg
    To illustrate the difference I've posted photos of the noncoated totebag and the coated lady-in Brandy I do like the coated very much.