Coated fabric Coach

  1. I was at my Coach boutique today and saw the coated fabric in person. I don't know how many of you have seen it in person, but I was pleasantly surprised. Really have to admit that it is much nicer than I expected. It isn't at all like Dooney's in my opinion. It looks and feels a lot nicer than theirs. It isn't "plasticy" looking or feeling. And it isn't shiny so that it screams coated. I was discussing it with a very nice SA there and she also was surprised that it is so nice. She agreed with me that you really have to go right up to the bags and feel them to notice that they are coated. I still don't think they are for me, but I have to admit, for anyone wanting this look, they are nice. The swingpaks are nice in this also, they really look like the regular fabric until you touch them. For anyone with young children who like to grab Mommy's handbag, this is definitely the way to go, no worries about stains!
  2. I completely agree. I think it is a very nice coated fabric. My only real beef with the totes is the material for the handles. It does have the leather at the top but I wish the handles could have more leather if not all leather.
  3. I agree, they are awesome!! I am a mom, I picked up the medium tote in white and I can't wait to use it:yahoo::yahoo: