Coated canvas vs. patent leather

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  1. So I need a bag that can be taken places that I wouldn't normally take my Coach. So far my collection consists only of leather bags with one black signature gallery tote and a khaki/turq carly thrown in for good measure. I also just bought a coated canvas tattersall bag, mainly because I need something that can go to the park, the zoo, dh's softball games, etc. without me freaking out about it. I bought the coated canvas thinking it would be easy to keep clean-but I'm also wondering about patent leather. I don't know much about this but I'd imagine and I think I read here that you can just wipe it down too.

    So which one do you think I should use for going "dirty" places or does it not matter because both would work fine? (I was going to make this a poll but I messed it up, sorry!)
  2. that's funny you should ask - I just got some dye from my denim on my tattersall satchel (darn it!!) and it's not coming off - I don't think my patent bag would have that problem.
  3. The coated canvas is my new friend, I'm actually using my large Heritage tote to haul around all my essentials that I don't want to load my purse down with when I got to work. My husband says it's Coach over kill, because I always have 2 Coach bags with me, LOL. And it's probably darn near impossible to get that thing dirty on the outside. I love all mine ( have 4 ). If you do get it dirty just wipe it off with a warm washcloth.

  4. That's not good :sad:

    I was just thinking about this. The coated canvas still seems like it would be more porous than the patent leather, so stains would still kinda of "sink" in. I'm leaning towards a patent leather perforated lunch tote myself but I'm really in love with satchels right now :sad:
  5. I returned my Heritage stripe tote because I just didnt love it, and I got a large plum patent tote that I believe is an outlet exclusive on ebay to use instead. Its bigger (although I didnt realize I won a large!), and I like the look of it better. It'll wipe clean just like the Heritage, and plus it has thin leather straps rather than material ones, which wont show any wear either. I have other patent bags from Coach and they are awesome easy wear/easy care bags. Plus since I got it on ebay and didnt pay alot of $$ for it, I wont feel too bad if it gets tossed around a bit.
  6. I think the patent is easier to take care.
  7. I'm definitely not a fan of coated canvas. I think beyond a couple of very affordable Dooneys and L.A.M.B., I don't own any. This is why I don't currently own any LV..IMO too costly for what you get. I never was a huge patent fan either until I got my Michael Kors bag, and I realized I like the patent bags with a grainy texture like MK or Coach(not the slicky "looks like vinyl" patent). I think they look more expensive and nicer than a coated canvas bag. The more I use my MK bag, the more I realize I'm probably going to buy the teal Francine, or some other bag in that color!

    I agree with Renie...patent is very easy to take care of, and weather friendly. The only thing I find is that it sticks to things...I never can get my matching wallet out of my bag because it sticks to the wristlet, lol! Otherwise, I have not experienced any bleeding issues or problems with dirt, etc.

    I will also say that the coated canvas will yellow if it's a light color. In the case of the tattersall though, it's that creamy color I think it would be fine...BUT remember that the straps are canvas. They will get dirty and balled up after a while most likely... whereas if you get a patent bag with a matching patent strap, then it's probably easier to take care of IMO.
  8. I am so glad this subject has come up....this is the exact same thing I am trying to wrestle with right now. I need something that can go on the golf cart and me not freak out about this is a great subject for me right now. Thanks for starting it SweetM:tup:elissa!
  9. Hmm. I only have leathers but if I was going to get an easy-clean bag I'd want a COACH HERITAGE STRIPE TOTE
  10. I remember when you got your large plum patent tote, I love that bag!! I would like that in a large. It's beautiful.
  11. Wow, we're hearing too much about this lately!! Now I'll be afraid to carry my satchel!
    I am thinking of returning it anyway but this may have sealed the deal!
  12. I used to have an old coated canvas Dooney It bag in white and the stains seemed to soak through the coating. Anything I spilled and wiped off quickly was okay but other things like denim transfer left permanent damage. And although I LOVE the new Coach coated canvas, I'm afraid of the same problem.
  13. but it's not the bags fault - it's the dyes used in jeans and I always switch bags when I wear dark denim so I don't have this problem, I just didn't have time yesterday to switch.
  14. Great info, thanks so much girls! I'm seriously wondering if I should opt for a patent leather, I'm certainly leaning that way.
  15. I have 2 patent ergos (both hobo and tote) and 2 coated canvas totes. Love both styles and find that all of those bags are low maintenance; in fact, tonight at the Olive Garden, my son knocked his fork off of his plate and got tomato sauce on my patent tote, which wiped clean immediately (TG!). I would think that whatever you go with (especially if it's a darker color) will be easy to keep clean. Please post pics. if you get something patent!