Coated canvas totes - Heritage vs. Tattersall

  1. Are the tattersall totes that were posted going to be coated canvas like the Heritage line? They appear to be from the photo. If so, I am in trouble! I dont need two coated canvas totes. Hmm, which one do you like better?
    heritage tote.jpg tattersall tote.jpg
  2. I really like them both...the tattersall is cute, different, not a bag you see everyday. The tattersall seems "younger" to me though you know? I love them both they'd make a fabulous summer bag and I can't wait to get one...just don't know which one yet LOL.
  3. I personally like both... since I have the Heritage satchel, I'm more towards the Heritage collection... but the tattersall is gorgeous as well, I might have to pick me up one of those totes... :drool:
  4. Yea the tattersall is "cute", but at 43 "cute" is not what I'm going for!!! I think I like the Heritage because it is more classic - but then again...who am I kidding - I'll probably wind up with both!
  5. I love the Tattersall tote!
  6. TATTERSALL! :drool: So pretty!
  7. I really hope the tattersall is made with the coated canvas. Otherwise, it will get dirty very easily!!! I like the Tattersall tote the best! :yes:
  8. I'm in love with the tattersall tote - but I only want it in coated canvas too.
  9. I really like the tattersall too! I wonder if it will come in other colors besides the pink. :shame:
  10. I was wondering the same thing about the colors. It would be cute if it were like the heritage strip with all the different colors. Soooo many colors go with the tattersall.
  11. i agree the heriathe stripe tote would be a not seen everyday bag which si good b/c signture coahc has become very common .. now i understand hwo that tote can be perceived as beign very young but depeing on the bag buyers overal style can make the bag quite mature and classic funky ( lol if teh terms classic and funky can be used together ) i think this bag would pair so nicely with polos and khakis with some nice sneakrs or flats for summer or with sweaters and a nice wool waist lenght coat in fall a very versatile as i always look for thsoe types lol i am in school so i need the most use for my dollars ( how fe wthey seem after tution and textbooks lol)
  12. Same here. Originally when Heritage came out I said I'd never go for a coated canvas bag but the idea is slowly growing on me and when I saw the pics of the tattersall...definitely want it but part of the draw for me is that it will be a low maintenance bag.
  13. I reeeeally like the Tattersall.
  14. OMG- I NEED that Tattersall tote. What is the style number and can it be ordered yet?????????
  15. I like the Tattersall much better. :yes: