Coated Canvas tote

  1. Hey all,

    I just want to ask if any of you have any pictures of this grey-ish waterproof canvas tote that comes in 2 sizes.

    If yes, please share what pros and cons there are about this bag. I think it's quite nice, and the fact that it's waterproof makes it even better.

    Please help. I can't find any online... :sad:
  2. It's a Bottega Veneta style? I'm not familiar with it. I'll look in the new catalog--sounds like one of the new colors.

    Hopefully someone more up-to-date than I will be able to help.

    good to see you here in the BV subforum!
  3. OK, looked in the F/W catalog and wonder if you refer to the bags on p. 130 or 132? They are canvas, but the catalogs never give much info on coating or other details. I have seen very little of the new collection, so I hope someone who has will come along and comment for you.
  4. I don`t have any clue what you`re talking about. Are you referring to the Marco Polo line? But to my knowledge, they`re not completely waterproof...
  5. Hmm, can't help with info, but will be watching closely, as I am looking for something to replace my husband's stinky gym bag. The more waterproof, the better!
  6. boxermom: I don't really know it's new or not. It's this gorgeous gray-silver coloured tote bag that comes in two sizes.

    ouija: The SA told me that it's waterproof as it's treated that attracted me to the bag
  7. Is this a bag you saw in the boutique? The last time I was in a store they had the sardegna tote which is canvas with leather braided handles. Not sure if that's the same one you're speaking of.
  8. ^ Nope. It's not the normal kinda canvas.. it's looks nylon-ish, but the SA said it's actuall canvas that's waterproof, and it's a tote, not a duffel bag..
  9. :confused1:
  10. marco polo canvas?
  11. ^:sad: I really don't know how to describe it..