Coated Canvas Leah Pictures?


Bag Hoarder
Dec 8, 2008
I just got this one a few hours ago for very little money. It's brown with sky blue lining. Very comfortable. Convertible straps. I like it. It's slouchy and awesome. I haven't taken any modeling pics yet. I got mine on super sale so I'd shop around if you want it. They have the new multicolor one out, but I don't think they have it in the style I have. I kinda like the new multicolor, but my husband said it looks like fruit loops...and I sooo agree. But there is a scarf and small wristlet to match!



Jul 1, 2007
I love that bag, I don't think it is very well liked because of the Plastic look. I think it will be at the outlet soon. In fact at the Burlington outlet the girl is going to call me when they come in. I think that is a great bag for spring & summer I only like the blk & wht..........I posted a thread about it & no one responded . I have not seen anyone caring it.......


Feb 24, 2006
Happy town
well I couldn't picture me carrying it but it rocks on my daughter she's 23 and tiny. And they flipped out at the vegas outlets this weekend when she was there. The lady said wow a actual store bag not outlet. kinda an odd think to say I thought LOL