Coated Canvas Downtown: What Can You Tell Me About this Bag?

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  1. I purchased my first YSL bag today -- the Downtown Tote in white coated canvas, with black leather trim. Aside from being my first YSL, it's the first coated canvas bag I own.

    I've always been drawn to this bag, and I honestly wouldn't mind a leather one, but the price on this bag seemed pretty good and when I tried it on, it looked great (it really did look friggin hot!).

    While I normally shy away from and avoid white/ivory bags, the SA sold me on this bag -- mainly because there were two spots on the bag, and she took a dry cloth and some Cadillac leather conditioner (yes, LEATHER conditioner) and VOILA! the spots disappeared!! I had told her I needed some time to think about it, as I really wasn't shopping for handbags today -- I roamed the store a little and decided to go back & get it. My SA was gone, so another SA rang me up and she spooked me a little by telling me to be careful wearing blue jeans or anything dark when I carry the bag as it's possible the color could transfer. I almost ended the sale right there, but decided to get the bag and check with the "experts" here on TPF to see how much of a problem this really is. Do I really need to be concerned? I really don't want a "high maintenance" bag -- it doesn't fit my lifestyle. I need a bag that can "take a lickin and keep on tickin"!!

    So what can you guys tell me about this bag? Does anyone here own a coated canvas downtown bag? How about a white one? How well do they hold up? Do they get dirty very easily? Will it always be that easy to clean?

    I'm normally a devoted MJ girl, so anything you guys can tell me would really be helpful. I know absolutely NOTHING about YSL bags -- except that I really like some of the styles!!

    Thanks in advance!

    BTW -- this is the bag I got, which strangely enough, is still FULL PRICE at NM!!

  2. I also forgot to ask you guys -- how do most of you carry the Downtown -- as a handbag or a tote?
  3. Congrats, lovely bag - I really like the contrast as it shows up the trim nicely. I saw one trimmed in red recently and it was beautiful, I was tempted but decided to go with a carmel color (both at NMLC). I just recently bought 2 downtowns, one about 3 months ago (calf hair leopard/brown) and the carmel one last week. Haven't carried either yet and kinda have the same question--it fits on my shoulder, but is tight (mine's the medium) -- and I was wondering if the handles stretch over time.

    Like you, I'm new to YSL, but think the styles are classic and timeless.

  4. Yea -- this bag fits on my shoulder and isn't too snug, but I don't know how that will be if I'm wearing a heavier coat/jacket -- my SA said that the strap should stretch approx an inch or so. She was VERY enthusiastic about this bag -- I've actually never seen her so animated!! I don't know if it's because she truly thinks this bag is great (she said YSL is her fav designer) or if she was just trying to make a sale (she's a fairly new SA I'm working with -- my regular one got transferred to another dept :sad:)

    I'm just curious -- you said you bought a caramel one last week at NMLC -- is that an all leather one? If you don't mind my asking, how much did you pay for it? I saw a leather one & thought it was heavenly -- the leather was so soft and the suede lining was TDF (oh how I miss that in MJ bags:sad:). She made it sound like the leather Downtowns rarely go on sale, which is one reason why I grabbed this bag -- I really do like the style a lot -- but I'm not 100% completely sold on the coated canvas, esp in white, but I don't think I'd ever spend $1k or more for a leather one. If I could find a leather one -- even if it were just a little bit more -- I might consider returning this one in hopes of finding a leather one.
  5. My bag was around $830 - I think the NMLC price was around $1195 and then I had a 25% off coupon. My bag is tan/carmel with suede lining - the original retail was $1795. It is a beautiful bag, with smooth soft leather. I also have purchased the brown with leopard calf hair (in the center) at Neiman's at their first mark down (I'd been watching that one), so the price wasn't the greatest, but I really wanted the bag. The leather on the brown has a very slight pebble to it and a satin lining.
    I was so excited to find the camel one at NMLC that I was tempted to call around to see if there were more......LOL
    I think the Last Calls must have got a shipment of YSL bags, seems like I read in another post that they were spotted at several locations.