Coat Obsession?

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  1. I know on here, the most common thing we talk about are purses and shoes.

    Just any of you girls/guys have a coat obsession too? I love a nice coat or jacket...just seems like I can always use a new one. too bad I can't buy all the ones I like! :P

    Any of you love coats too?
  2. I love coats and jackets. I have so many coats and jackets, and I keep on buying more. I just have a hard time turning away from a real cute jacket or coat.
  3. I LOVE coats too! My favorite is my silk Prada tie-dye belted trench coat. I love it so much that I've only worn it in the house! I'm scared to death to wear it outside. I don't want to snag it. Crazy!
  4. hehe....I know what you mean, I love my Burberry knee length coat with cashmere...always scared to ruin it, but i thought, the heck with it! The more I wear it, the cheaper each time is. :biggrin:
  5. yea....sometimes bf drags....really physically drag me away from coats...:P
  6. Yep! I have 2 traditional trench coats from Burberry, one the tan and the other a bright red, plus a short coat from Burberry, plus a ton of others. And did I mention I never wear them cause I live in California and it is too hot?
  7. I'm terrible about buying Jackets and coats. I can never have enough of them. My favorite one right now is a 3/4 length Black Cynthia Steffe.
  8. I love coats! I, too, live in California so I can't wear them all the time. My most favorite one is a hot pink, tangerine, black, and white boucle coat with black gem-cut buttons in a gold setting. it sounds totally gaudy but it's soooo cute. The arrival of spring this year gave me mixed feelings because I didn't want to stop wearing the coat.
  9. :lol: gingerfarm! I know it's you when I read the thread's title!! Hahahaa :lol:
  10. i have several coats and jackets.. the most recent one is the cole haan.. havent' used it yet coz i am in cali and hope to use it when i move back to washington..
  11. I'm glad that some of you ladies are coat obsessed like me too.:love:
    I'm the same way, always afraid of ruining my precious cashmere coat. One question thou, how do you take care of them (beside only wearing them at home ;) ). Do you take them to regular drycleaners or special ones??? i'm always afraid that they will ruin my coat. :rant: Also, how do you store them at home?
  12. I have a bad Prada coat obsession...I have like over a dozen Prada coats and jackets and LOVE them!
  13. what's the fun of buying it and not wearing it out? Coats are too pretty to wear just wear at home, like i said, definitely wear it more to make it worth it! :lol: I just make sure I don't take it to really smokey places...I did that once...the coat reeked of smoke, I was soooo worried, good thing the dry cleaners were able to take that out. I just took it to regular drycleaners and told them to do what they usually do to those types of coats. They're the professionals, so they know best. As for storing I just hang them on a hanger, the ones that are thicker so it doesn't put too much weight on the seams, and store them in the garment bag that came with it. Keep it in the closet so it's away from sunlight and such.
  14. ooooo....sounds like a lot of details, must be cute!
  15. A lot of CA girls here!!! :cool: Yea, I envy the people who live in a place with four seasons in a year sometimes...(not like SF where the 4 seasons is in a day), they can have really cute coats for the extreme cold winter. :smile:

    Jill, i'm so envious!!! :love: