Coat Labels Comparable to Burberry

  1. I have a serious love of Burberry coats. I just got another new one from Saks so that makes four in the past couple of months.

    But I'm wondering if there are any other labels I should be considering as well. I like a well-made, classic look.

    TIA for your suggestions!
  2. Moschino , Chloe , D & G all do classy coats
  3. Probably stating the obvious but have you looked at Daks and Aquascutum? Very similar coat styles
  4. I was going to suggest Aquascutum as well, they have some very similar styles.
  5. Thanks Flossie! I'll look at these labels on NM and Saks web sites,

    Mooks and Noon, I was unfamiliar with Aquascutum and Daks, but I found their web sites and they sell exactly what I want, but it doesn't seem I can find their merchandise here in the US.

    BTW, the handbags on Aquascutum's site were gorgeous! Thanks for the information!
  6. ^ you wont be disappointed with Aquascutum if you find their stuff, I find their quality to be top notch and quite reasonably priced. :tup:
  7. Thanks! I'll keep my eyes open. I was impressed with the things on their website!:yes: