Coat advice

Feb 20, 2006
This winter i bought a cashmere coat for $700+. May be that's not much for a lot of you ladies :amuse: , but that's the most expensive piece of clothes i've ever owned. So the dilema is now that winter is almost over, i will need to have it dry-cleaned and put away. The question is, where should i bring my precious coat to? I'm afraid they'll either ruin or lose it. :suspiciou
*sigh* It's much easier with bags 'cuz you don't have to send it anywhere. :smile:
Anyhow, please advice me on what to do. Thanks.
I think you should pick out a few dry-cleaners and go ask questions about how they do it. For example, some will cover the buttons to avoid having them damaged.
I'll preferrably go to one that has a good reputation (ask your local friends or colleagues) and budget how much I can spend on the cleaning and then pick the one that offers the best service for the price.

Here are some question ideas:
- Do they send the dry-cleaning away or do it themselves?
- Do they protect fragile parts (buttons, trims...)

Also, you should look into putting the coat in a coat sleeve (they sell them at Ikea) with a piece of cedar to prevent moths from feasting on your precious coat.
I would phone the store I bought the coat from and ask for a recommendation for cleaning.

When I bought an Aquascutum trench, some years ago, the SA gave me the name of a special cleaner, who specializes in working with treated and or expensive fabrics.
Well, the main advantage of the coat sleeve, is that I can place the anti-moth stuff at the bottom of the bag, not directly touching the coat.

But I do agree with melisande, you should call the shop if possible to ask about their cleaning recommendations or if they know anywhere that can do it.