Coat advice

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  1. This winter i bought a cashmere coat for $700+. May be that's not much for a lot of you ladies :amuse: , but that's the most expensive piece of clothes i've ever owned. So the dilema is now that winter is almost over, i will need to have it dry-cleaned and put away. The question is, where should i bring my precious coat to? I'm afraid they'll either ruin or lose it. :suspiciou
    *sigh* It's much easier with bags 'cuz you don't have to send it anywhere. :smile:
    Anyhow, please advice me on what to do. Thanks.
  2. I think you should pick out a few dry-cleaners and go ask questions about how they do it. For example, some will cover the buttons to avoid having them damaged.
    I'll preferrably go to one that has a good reputation (ask your local friends or colleagues) and budget how much I can spend on the cleaning and then pick the one that offers the best service for the price.

    Here are some question ideas:
    - Do they send the dry-cleaning away or do it themselves?
    - Do they protect fragile parts (buttons, trims...)

    Also, you should look into putting the coat in a coat sleeve (they sell them at Ikea) with a piece of cedar to prevent moths from feasting on your precious coat.
  3. I would phone the store I bought the coat from and ask for a recommendation for cleaning.

    When I bought an Aquascutum trench, some years ago, the SA gave me the name of a special cleaner, who specializes in working with treated and or expensive fabrics.
  4. Right now i just hang it in a plastic bag. Is it not good enough?
  5. Well, the main advantage of the coat sleeve, is that I can place the anti-moth stuff at the bottom of the bag, not directly touching the coat.

    But I do agree with melisande, you should call the shop if possible to ask about their cleaning recommendations or if they know anywhere that can do it.
  6. moths will eat through the plastic bags. My wool pea coat met it's fate that way.
  7. ok, so this might sound a little silly but what is a coat sleeve? I looked up Ikea like Perja recommended but i couldn't find it. vbmenu_register("postmenu_115151", true);
  8. Try putting cedar blocks in your closet and drawer, it will keep bugs a bay and won't have the yucky mothball scent.
  9. Definitely get it out of the plastic, though. Not good for the coat, and doesn't deter moths.
  10. I agree. Places like the Container Store have really nice "cloth" storage that would be great for your coat.