Coakley Totes

  1. I just saw this tote bag in the latest InStyle Magazine.

    Seems that people are always looking for tote suggestions so here's another one!
  2. Functional, but I don't think I'd spend $300 on one of those. There's no WOW factor.
  3. KL- I agree, the bags are a bit boring. I just wanted to throw a new designer out there- someone is bound to like it.
  4. To each his own, right Judie? Thanks for sharing a new designer!
  5. They're pretty dull- and the leather trim looks kinda cheap.
  6. I like reading about different designers, so thanks for sharing :smile:
  7. Thanks for sharing!
  8. I just bought the new Coakley Suede Tote and it's fabulous. The style is classic and sophisticated, just what I need when I go to meetings. The inside of the bag has these functional pockets....everything in its place, no more hunting around for all my small stuff AND it has compartment for my laptop, when I need it. As the packaging says, its a handbag, laptop and business bag all in one. I'm finally down to carrying 1 bag instead of schlepping around a bunch of bags. This bag comes in a ton of colors. I bought the squash. Checkout their website....they have different styles and colors and sizes.:tup:
  9. Wow, I don't even remember starting this thread. :nuts: