coachxobsessed9's Collection =]

  1. Hey guys! I finally got around to posting my bags. I'm still accumulating them, so watch for updates! Tell me if you like =]
    left to right: D&B Shoulder Tote, Coach Lilac Suede Tote, Lesportsac bag, Coach Holiday 2005 Patchwork Gallery Tote, Coach Signature Blue Arm Bag, D&B Charm Backpack, Coach Punch Pink Tote, Coach Punch Pink Leather Hobo, D&B Pink Jean Arm Bag. accessories: Lesportsac Coin Purse, COACH Keyring, Coach E Charm, Coach Lilac Leather Wallet, Coach White Leather Case for iPod Video, Coach Purple Umbrella, Coach Lilac Suede Wristlet.
    Coach =] ^
    More Coach =] ^
  2. Welcome to TPF- really enjoying your coach shoes!
  3. gorgeous!!!!!!!!
  4. Lovely! :heart: thanks for sharing :smile:
  5. love those shoes!
  6. Nice! Thanks for sharing!
  7. very nice collection!! thanks for sharing!!
  8. nice collection!
  9. Nice collection, thanks for sharing!
  10. Cute collection!
  11. cute collection!
  12. cute!
  13. Thanks for sharing!
  14. Ooh nice shoes! Looking forward to seeing your future purchases!
  15. Great shoe collection... lovin the sneakers!