Coach's return policy question

  1. Hello Ladies!!

    I'm new to the world of Coach and I have a question.

    About a month ago I bought a Soho Leather Wristlet in Pear. I thought I loved it (but I really just liked it). Yesterday I bought a Legacy Leather wristlet in natural (and the Coach perfume-purse size) and instantly fell in love. So I'm thinking about returning the Soho wristlet. I'm not really a 'pear' kinda gal so I don't see myself using it in the future. And in a few weeks I'll be traveling to Orlando for my neice's graduation and we plan to hit 2 Coach outlets while I'm down there :yahoo:! So excited!!!

    Anyway, what's Coaches return policy? I still have the receipt. Will they give me a store credit??? More importantly, will they give me a hard time???

    Thanks Ladies!!!
  2. no hard time at all. just bring it in w/receipt and they'll refund you in the way you payed (as detailed on the back of the receipt).
  3. Fantastic!!!!!:yahoo:
  4. Also, it must new and unused. :yes:
  5. Question - can a boutique purchase (with a receipt) be returned to a Coach outlet for a refund, or for an exchange? TIA!
  6. i belive so, youll probably get a merchandise credit card.
  7. Really? I used it a few times but it doesn't look bad (or abused).
  8. i belive it has to be new, unused, with tags attached
  9. Then you can't return it. It has to be brand new and unused. Here is a link to Coach's return policy:

    And here is what it says:

    We will be glad to refund or exchange any new and unused merchandise. You may return your item(s) to either a Coach Full Price Store or ship your item(s) to our Returns department.

    New, unused Full Price merchandise may be exchanged or returned at any Coach Store with an original Coach receipt or mail order packing invoice.

    New, unused Full Price merchandise may be returned for merchandise credit with a gift receipt.

    New, unused Factory merchandise may be returned for merchandise credit only in Full Price stores with an original Coach receipt or gift receipt.

    Look at it this way - would you want to buy and pay full price for something that someone owned for a month or so and used a few times?:shrugs: :confused1:
  10. It absolutely has to be brand new and unused, and yes they definitely should and will look at it to make sure of this.
  11. That's true...rats!!!! Oh well..someone's getting a pear soho wristlet as a gift..:yes: Glad I asked here before trucking to the Coach store. Way to avoid embarressment..Thanks!
  12. ^You could always sell it on eBay! :yes:
  13. hmmm...that's true too :graucho: . You guys are the best!:heart:
  14. Yes.
    I returned some stuff this weekend and got a full refund.
  15. I returned my new purse to the store about 3 days ago, but didn't get money back into my check account yet. Is this normal?