coach's policy on the quality of mufflers (scarf)?

  1. I bought this scarf almost 2 weeks ago (by friday) and I just noticed the stitching was coming off the sewn on logo patch. It looks like it wasn't sewn on properly. and it looks like it'll keep going and will more than likely be gone by the end of winter.
    Does anyone know if Coach would replace this for me? Because I know I sure as hell took care of my scarf ( I work min.wage + it was 190 Canadian with 14% tax. so ya. it kills me that this happened)
    I have the receipt still...unlikely the tag.
    I'll post a pic if someone, maybe even a sales associate? wants to look at it and let me know! please and thank you =]

    heres the pic of the logo coming off (i posted below in response as well)
  2. I think they will be able to do something for you. I would take it in where you bought it and ask to send it in for repair. It takes a while though...
  3. a repair for a little stitching? does Coach ever do an exchange for a "defective" product? I hasn't even been two weeks yet. this really sucks! It's getting cold in Toronto.
  4. Usually on most scarves the tag is meant to come off, it's just tacked on. I can't tell from your picture.
  5. sorry its a patched on logo. so thats why i'm annoyed
    I attached a pic
  6. Maybe the store will allow you to exchange it for another one since it was only 2 weeks ago. I'm sure you use it for the winter so it would be silly to send it out for a while and leave you without a scarf. By the time it comes back from repair you might not need it anymore or already purchased another one.
  7. I can't tell, but if it's bothering you, take it back.
  8. definately take it back! its not supposed to do that
  9. Take it back and get a new one.