Coachs feels like better quality than alot of other designer bags

  1. I went to Holts today..and was trying on some LV's, Gucci's, Fendi's...and I also went to the Coach store on the way there...and Coach really feels like alot better quality!

    I love the coach zippers..they are so smooth, but trying the Gucci, the zippers felt very cheap and stiff!

    Not sure what it is..but coach seems to be really awesome.

    I don't have a coach bag *yet*..but will be getting one tomorrow!!!
  2. Congrats on your first Coach!

    I've noticed that Coach's quality is better than other bags too. (It's also much more affordable!)
  3. I agree. And I've known several LV lovers switch over to Coach because after a year of owning a LV bag the lining would fall apart and they don't even fix it for you like Coach does!! I also don't get why people pay so much money for LV man-made material!! It's not even leather except for the trim and straps!!
  4. I love Coach!!!! I have heard that Coach bags last for years and years. And if something does go wrong, they have awesome cust. service!:love: I'm in love....
  5. Oh yeah! My mom has had leather Coach bags that have lasted 10+ years and still look great. But she's the type of woman that would wipe her leather goods down after she used it, so she really took care of her stuff. And that's where I get my self-diagnosed OCD from. *lol*
  6. I love LV and Chanel (no problems with their quality so far), and I used to like Coach about 5 years ago but have stayed away since then. I went back to Coach to buy a purse for my sister's graduation earlier this year (got her the medium black leather Carly) and although nothing's reeeeeeeeeally caught my eye (yet), I've had fun returning and learning about all the new styles!

    The Coach bags I've had from 5 years ago still look great - just started using them again recently! Even my mom commented that my large red leather striped hobo has held up nicely! And I don't do anything special to take care of my bags.

    The lack of Coach purchases for myself could just be a function of feeling satisfied with my collecton so far and less to do with Coach itself, though. But I did pick up a few accessories for myself during PCE! :p
  7. Coach is made with high quality materials. In fact, the hardware on my choco carly is much better than my LV's.
  8. I have been a coach gal for years. I recently switched to LV but got a coach PCE card in the mail a week ago so I wandered into my local coach store and WENT crazy! They really have some lovely stuff and I bought a fab leather bag!!!
  9. Haven't had any probs with any of my LV's- no probs with Coach items either--- either way- both brands are beautiful in their own respect
  10. ^I completely agree. I'm someone that notices every little thing and from what I've seen of Coach bags, I've been very pleased. Their items are impeccably well made and even better than a lot of steeper priced bags. Also, their leather is so luxurious thick and durable. I LOVE their leather. Their bags look and feel like they could take a good beating and last forever. I have also been very pleased by their customer service.

    I like LV too, a lot of their items are timeless but in my honest opinion coach has much better quality control. I've had a lot of problems with LV in that department.
  11. well, coach is great quality. but i gotta say, nothing can beat LV. my mom has owned her first LV for almost 30 yrs and it is still kickin. and when she was shopping at lv in the states a yr ago, they told her she could send her original bag to their head office for replacement straps if she wanted fresh ones (after 30 yrs the patina had made them almost black). i think coach and lv are both great quality but totally different price points. it is like apples and oranges.
  12. I noticed that too, when I saw/touched a Chloe Paddington. I was expecting the leather to be REALLY nice and soft, but it was almost...crunchy. The leather on my mini skinny is WAY nicer.

    I think people put Coach down because it's cheaper than other brands, but can't deny that they have some very well-made items. Sometimes you might get something that is a bit defective, but that happens with EVERY company.
  13. Coach leather really is like no other. :love: I prefer them and a few other Italian designers (Gucci included) because of their leather craftmanship. I personally can't get into coated canvas but heh - that's just me. ;)

    Be sure to post pics of your first purchase! We'd all love to see what you get.
  14. I bought a Michael Kors satchel yesterday for 349.00 so in about the same price point as some Coach bags and I'm going to take it back because it just doesn't have that same feel as Coach has. It is pebbled leather and I dunno... it just doesn't feel as nice as Coach pebbled leather. I like the shape of it though!

    Overall I like Coach the most, but I am lusting after a Speedy 30 in damier Canvas!!!:heart::heart::heart::heart:
  15. I think for the price and the varity of style you can't go wrong with Coach. I own, MJ, LV and others but most of my purses are leather Coach. I love the styles and the brand. I have never had an issue.