CoachNut & Bags4Bubbles went "Coach Crazy" today! *pics*

  1. Well, today CoachNut & Bags4Bubbles decided to have a lil mini MI meeting at 12 Oaks in Novi, in honor of Cinco de Mayo birthdays!! Our day included some shopping, lunch, and a little Starbucks to top off the day! :graucho:

    We were both trying to be good, but had to go a lil "Coach Crazy", since our birthday (same day) is coming up this weekend!! :party:

    CoachNut came home with a Black Signature Mini Skinny & Solid Purse Perfume.

    Bubbles brought home a Watercolor Mini Skinny & ordered the Patti perfume print sunglasses (not shown).

    The plotting for our next shopping day has begun!! And we say "Bring it On!!" to the MI tPF General & Coach meetings, and came up with a plan over lunch to have multiple shopping days, so that way those that aren't able to make it to one date, may be able to make to another... Now - to revive that MI shopping thread...

    Enjoy our purchase pics!! Hopefully I will be adding more if my camera will cooperate and send the rest of them to my phone, as well as any that CoachNut may have. Our Legacy Whiskey Shoulder Zip & Legacy Pond Shoulder Bag enjoyed meeting on the outting as well... ;)

  2. Omg is that is too cool you guys!
    I wish someone lived close to me.
    You guys stop in at Macy's also?
  3. Wow, that is totally awesome. I am glad your two bags got a chance to meet and trade stories. I am glad you enjoyed your outing and Congrats on the purchases!
  4. Thanks ladies!!

    I am still trying to upload some pics... sorry for the delay!!

    We did stop in Macy's & took advantage of the F&F! That is where we both picked up the mini skinny actually...

    Also, Macy's at 12 Oaks Mall in Novi has a Whiskey Shoulder Bag, we both thought that was kind of rare.. so if anyone is looking for it - go grab it! :yes:
  5. oh how fun! thanks for sharing!!!!
  6. tsk tsk...

    wrong...all wrong!!

    Cinco de Mayo birthdays should ONLY be celebrated with Coronas, Dos Equis, or Margaritas...NOT STARBUCKS!!!!


    lovely purchases ladies...happy early birthdays! (and for goodness sake - get some tequlia in ya on Saturday!)
  7. LOL... trust me - the plans are in the works. :p

    Well... we have more pics, but unfornuately my phone is being bad and is going to time out. I don't know why it would send the first one, but not the others... I'm currently trying to send pics to my email & to my photobucket, eventually one of those is bound to work more pics in the future! :smile:
  8. That's great.....glad you enjoyed yourselves!!
  9. How wonderful! I'm so glad you had a good time! I need to find a purse buddy! Any of you gals in the Cambridge, MA area? ;D
  10. whew! you both had a great time!!! congrats on the new purchases!!
  11. Hey Bubbles your pics turned out great, I posted a diffrent thread and mine didn't turn out half as clear!! Hope you find your other pics.

    Hmm the Margarita lunch date sounds good too!!
  12. diana, happy early bday and to you too coachnut!! di, thanks for greeting me last april 28 =)
  13. How exciting!! Congrats on your new stuff and meeting in person. Hope you guys have great birthdays!
  14. Happy Birthday to you... :whistle:
    It looks like you two ladies had a fun day!!!!!
    I am also in MI and would love to tag along on a shopping trip :yahoo:
    I ran to the Macys in Westland on my lunch hour cuz it's close to my job, they didn't have any fobs or scarves but it was fun looking.
  15. I live a mile away from Westland Mall, at least they have a better assortment of Coach than they did when it was Marshall Fields. Sorry you didn't find anything. I was at Macy's at Somerset earlier in the week to make a return at Saks, and then Saks had a mini fire (long story) lol so I looked at their Coach and they had quite a bit!!