CoachKatie's Collection!

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  1. I decided I'd finally post my collection (I was pretty bored today, lol). Enjoy! :smile:
  2. Beautiful collection! It's so colorful! Thanks for sharing.
  3. ohh so nice! i love the pink sparkly one with the silver stripe! and the lavender purple one, and the silver skinny! great colors!!
  4. OOoh I love it!! so much color :biggrin:
  5. love them all. wow what a great collection.
  6. Oh so pretty! What is the name of the one with the signature c on the top, and the rest pink? The one next to the black bag.
  7. Wow, love your coach collection!
  8. I like the hot pink speedy like bag!
  9. Your collection is so adorable and young! Thanks for sharing!
  10. great collection!
  11. Great collection!
  12. what a sweet collection:nuts:
  13. Great collection- really like the pink coach bag in the middle(sorry I do not know coach names).
  14. Congrats, thanks for sharing!
  15. Great collection! Thanks for sharing!