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Coachies with planners!


Jun 21, 2007
What size (for Coach planners) do you think is the best? I've been debating between the 4x7 and 6x8 for a while now. I just worry that the 6x8 might not work in all of my bags. I only use large bags but I have a hobo that is slouchy so I feel like it might be too big. Plus, I'm worried it might take up too much space.

What size does everyone have and how are you finding it so far?


LV Baby!
Mar 20, 2007
I have the 6X8 Legacy stripe planner and it's gorgeous! However, it is really big and heavy so I only carry it with me to work (3 nights a week) in my backpack! It's just too much for my purse- and I carry big bags! I'm not one who lives by the planner though :smile: If I wanted to carry it all the time, I'd get a smaller one! I love how my big one holds everything I stuff in it!


Daily Coach Fixation
May 11, 2007
I rotate between the 4x7 Legacy planner & Punch planner with the 3x5 sig planners from the Outlet - depending on the size of purse I decide to carry at the moment. I carry medium size purses and large size purses. I find the 6x8 planners to be too big for even my large purses due to how much I like to stuff my bags! The 4x7 seem to work best with my large purses and the 3x5 seem to work best with my medium purses. Good luck with your decision!
Sep 10, 2006
I write really big, and I need the space for the amount I write, so I am happy with the 6x8. I also only carry big bags, so my punch planner is able to fit in my bags. I can get a little heavy though... but still I am happy with my choice!


Looking for LVOE
Oct 27, 2007
Do you ladies really use the planners on a daily basis? If so, do any of you use a PDA as well? I am always tempted to buy a planner JUST 'cause they are cute, but I keep everything electronic in terms of contacts, calendar items, etc...
Apr 23, 2007
The only thing I use is my planner, no PDA. Since my writing takes up a lot of space I went with the 6x8 and it works well for me. I only use it for school and so it stays in my backpack. If I need it for any other reason I take it with me and either carry it seperatly or thin out what I have in my purse and put it in there. For the most part I use medium to large bags, I like to carry everything with me and the kitchen sink. :roflmfao:


Sep 10, 2006
I use my 6x8 planner at work as a notebook for meetings and such (it has the Coach notepad and Coach sketchbook - I wish Coach just made a plain, lined journal since the sketchpad paper is so think). I use to use a PDA but it got to be so much with a cell phone, Ipod, AND PDA to keep in a purse (and to keep up with) so I use my damier PM (it's 3x5 so its the same size as the Coach small planner) for my calendar, personal notes and stuff. It barely takes up any room in my purse, regardless of size.


Jun 18, 2007
I just bought the 6x8 tattersall with pce. LOVING IT! It fits in all my bags, and if it didn't, it's so cute I would carry it!

As for pda stuff, I have a blackberry, but I'm kind of leary about putting my life in there bc I have a tendency to destroy phones. IE dropping it into a cup of water in my car, the toilet etc. So.. no bueno there. I like having my contacts somewhere extra too (@home). Bc on a darker note.. if my phone ever gets stolen, I don't really want to be begging the purse stealer for my sim card! Not that I wouldn't be fighting him for my bag too!!! :yes: