Coachies: Post Your Non Coach Purchases Here!

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  1. This is gonna be the thread "why I don't buy Coach anymore" lol
  2. Truth!! Now I can't wait to get home for pics!
  3. I would love to see a mod pic of the dusty blue - it's just beautiful!!!!!
  4. I'm not at home but I did cheat too, have a MK black leather jet set tote and the leather is tdf!!!
  5. MK large Grayson

    DB large florentine satchel

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  6. BOOYAH - ON hold in RED at outlet in FL ;) $278!!!!! outlet

    I am really an OUTLET HUSSIE:roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao:

  8. LOVELY - I have large on hold in red at outlet but can you tell me what size the small is to a Coach bag????
    I might get small instead
  9. Wow... I love all the Beautiful colors on the D&B !!! I think i need another one :love:
  10. Could someone please, please do mod shots with the Florentine Satchels.. I hadn't even heard of them before I saw this thread, but can't get them outta my head now! They're gorgeous... siggghhhh..... I'm only 4'11" so don't know if I can pull off a regular sized satchelso I'm leaning toward the small... Also, can this be worn croosbody comfortable or does it feel weird? Thanks so much!
  11. Here is a few mod shots. This is the regular size. I put a few pics for comparison with a speedy 35 & Speedy 30. Last shot is the speedy 30. I would say it is the same size as a speedy 35. The speedy 30 looks so tiny behind it. If you prefer large bags i would go for the regular. and i am 5"2, 146 lbs.

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  12. That charm looks so good on your speedy:smile:!
  13. Thank You :biggrin:
  14. Thank you so very much! It looks great on you :smile: I think I'll go with a small since I don't carry much stuff around...
  15. Just scored these beauties although not a handbag but love just as much-

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