Coachies: Post Your Non Coach Purchases Here!

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  1. Love this!
  2. Love that Galleria!
  5. Marc by Marc Jacobs totally turnlock strawberry cordial
    Kate spade gold coast Elizabeth in scarlet

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  6. Here are a few accessories

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  7. Love these bags... I looked at them a few weeks ago & really think I need one....!
  8. Awesome Bags!!! I have the Florentine Satchel in Ostrich also and I love it!!! I scored on her, she was marked @ 50% off at Dillards last month and wasn't supposed to be, great day for me! Your Dusty Blue is so Pretty! :smile:
  9. Here are some my non Coach items:

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  10. Thanks- I find that their patterns are classic and really works well with various designs - I say DO IT:graucho:
  11. I have 3 Dooney's and none are the Florentine satchels, so I'm sad. LOL!! I did get an email about them from Doomey some time back and admired their design and shape.
  12. LOVE THOSE- I seriously need some red in my collection- I having been eyeing the balenciaga in coquelicot and the carnelian color from coach in the candace

  13. OMG i got the same email - and I cant wait to find something good from the outlet at end of month....heck I might call my outlet to see what they have b4 i go ;)

    I lve the florentine satchel
  14. Thank you :smile: That Kate Spade is a good red - not pink, not orange, and just bright enough. I haven’t seen the carnelian in person, but I did order the Candace in yellow and it should be arriving tomorrow. One can never go wrong with a nice red :smile:
  15. Do you know the difference between florentine satchel and dillen satchel??>>