Coachies: Post Your Non Coach Purchases Here!

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  1. That BLUE is HOT!
  2. :drool:
  3. I love Leatherprince. Here's some I got this year.


  4. love those- too cute
  5. Thanks 'rose10'.......I love this blue bag......everytime I wear it I get stopped and thrown a compliment! DB did good with this bag!

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  6. I'm so glad I'm not the only Coach cheater, LOL! Here are my non-Coach bags and wallets:

    Burberry Fairby Shimmer Check Hobo


    Burberry Fairby Shimmer Leather Hobo


    Kate Spade Darien Stevie bag and Neda Wallet


    Juicy Couture Riviera Turnlock bag with Scottie French wallet

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  7. I got this Kate Spade tote a few months ago.

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  8. I love the ostrich. I have been craving an ostrich bag for over a year. Coach never seems to make them.
  9. I really like that Kate Spade bag!
  13. My last couple months purchased..i love everything..thanks for letting me share

    Chanel Yen Caviar Wallet (im not a person who like to switch wallet in n out, lazy all i can say :P thats why i love black wallet for now)

    My new LV Mono Idylle, Elegie in Fusain (reminds me of Coach Isabelle, i mean the shape of the bags :biggrin:)

    LV Wallet for my DH ~ Damier Graphite (a gift for him for being the best DH to me n a wonderful daddy to my 2 boys :biggrin:)

    LV Mono Pochette

    LV Splash High Boots (love her to pieces, very comfy)
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  14. Beautiful set there, great white summer thinking of custom made the Artsy in DE, not sure will she looks good in DE or not...
  15. Lots of cute stuff!
    A few of my favs
    D&B in moss
    Kate Spade Melinda
    MK Bedford satchel

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