Coachies in Raleigh-Durham help!

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  1. Hello fellow coachies, Can any of you tell me if there are any flagship stores in Raleigh-Durham both FP and outlets ? Please recommend some names
  2. Have you called coach to find out what FP stores in your area are either 1. flagship 2. fashion or 3. shoe selection stores..
  3. I don't live in Raleigh/Durham, but I go there enough. There's a Coach Store at Southpoint Mall (the one I mostly go to since one of my favorite people in the world lives very close to it). Then there's the Smithfield Outlet, and that's definitely NOT flagship....though once in awhile you can find something you're looking for. Not sure about Raleigh...I mostly go to visit family.
  4. I am in Raleigh/Durham area, I go to the FP store at Soutpoint Mall and Crabtree Valley Mall. The only outlet mall I go to is Smithfield outlet. Other sotres that carry coach are Dillards in Cary Towne Centre and Triangle Towne canter and Belk in Crabtree Valley. Hope this helps.
  5. Thank you, everyone
  6. I just called and there are no flagships in the RDU area, Southpark Mall in Charlotte used to be flagship, but has been reclassified as Fashion. The only Flagship in our district is the one in ATL, Lennox, I think the SA said? He said Flagships are where the District Managers are.