Coachies, I have a confession...

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  1. So I have to tell you a secret.

    I bought a large Carly a couple of months ago. I don't really do big bags (I have the baby Carly in the same color...she was my first and I love her!) but the price was to die for and I could not pass her up.

    So I am having to pick one bag to use for the next few weeks. I will be travelling and need a bigger bag so I pulled all my bags out to make a choice!

    Since I bought my large Carly, she has remained tucked away in her dustbag ever since! Like I said, I don't do big bags! So I took out her stuffing, stuffed her with my goodies and holy crap, she hangs SO well!!!

    She's the one! I picked her to be my Coach love for the next few weeks!! I AM SO EXCITED!!!!

    I just had to share! ;) Cheers to the large Carly!!! May she hang well, carry EVERYTHING and make all her owners very happy!!!
  2. Haha! I'm glad to hear that you discovered your newest love! The Carly does hang really well!
  3. aww you make me miss my Carly..i sold her a few months ago to fund my pleated ergo satchel. thanks for sharing your story! I am thinking of getting the baby Carly in denim though!
  4. Awesome! The Carly is amazing...which color combo do you have?
  5. Oh nevermind I looked at your updated collection and saw that you have the black siggie one! Yay! Hot bag, and btw, your collection is awesome and so colorful!
  6. Thanks, girls!!!! I love her...she is definately something that I shouldn't have kept hidden for so long!
  7. SunnyFreckles, its funny like that sometimes...the bag you think is DEFINITELY not your style or you, ends up being the one you love the most once you use her! LOL...ENJOY your Carly and have a great trip! :tup:
  8. Have fun on ur trip! The large Carly is sooo awesome! Its soo roomy! What color Carly do you have?
  9. i traded my fraying carly for a pleated ergo satchel! but i do miss her dearly
  10. Enjoy your carly on your trip. :tup:
  11. That was too cute, freckles!!
  12. She is all black...I am in wind pants today and will be dressed up next week and she works either way!!! I might have to get another just to have her when this one dies! (Hopefully that will be a few years, but I LOVE her!!!) :yes:

    Anyway...I took her to the eye doctor today...I usually hate bags with no structure but this girl is amazing!!!
  13. Have a great trip! It's great when you discover something you've had tucked away - even better when you love it.
  14. you have a super collection :smile: i love unstructured bags, the slouch is how it's supposed to look so you never have to worry about it losing form. yeah carly! :biggrin: