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  1. since wristlets are so coach, how many of u use those over a wallet?
  2. wallet for me! I like to be organized and I just can't find anything when I use a wristlet as a wallet. :s
  3. Well I don't have either Coach...but I would do a wallet.
  4. I use wallet too.. more organized:tup:
  5. I would definitely choose a wallet. A wallet keeps things far more organized for me, and there is far less chance of things getting mixed up or falling out. I use wristlets for receipts or other miscellaneous items, but nothing can replace a wallet for me. They are worth the cost because they are high-quality and last very well.
  6. i have two different wallets that i can match with my different purses. and i have two wristlets. one holds my digital camera. and the other holds my ipod and ipod shuffle. :yes:
  7. I have been using my Legacy Stripe Fold over wristlet as a wallet for almost a year now. I love it!
  8. I would buy a wallet if they didn't cost nearly the same as a bag!!
  9. I only use a wristlet if I'm just running to the store and just want to carry my cell phone, cash, license and cc. I prefer wallets, because I have many cards and need to keep them organized, not mention bills and coins. I don't like when everything is all jumbled in there together in a wristlet. I agree that Coach makes good quality wallets that can really take a beating and hold up for a long time so they are worth spending the money on. You can usually get one at the outlets for a good price.
  10. Wristlet is easier for me. But I keep my wallet in my purse for my checkbook.
  11. I use my wallet.. I LOVE my accordian!!
  12. I have 4 wallets and 2 wristlets. i def use my wallets more, but i'm finding that my mini skinny does the job very well.
  13. I use both!!! I have 4 bags. 2 have matching slim envelopes, 1 has a matching multi function wallet and my demi has a mini skinny. I also have 2 wristlets. 1 brown and 1 black and I use them in addition to my wallets!
  14. I just use two skinnies - one holds my frequent buyer cards and the other one holds my check card, credit card, wallet and cash! I also keep a wristlet in my purse for pens, coupons, and other stuff I don't want floating around my purse.
  15. :tup:EXACTLY!!!