COACHie Lovefest!


Let's see the shoes!
Jun 8, 2007
Twin Cities, MN
Here's the concept- Are there any TPF members's posts you tend to look out for in particular? And why? There's been a lot of Debbie Downers lately so lets boost each other up! I'll start:

Coachgirl12- She's my homegirl!
Luvs Elvis- for her unfailing exuburance and A'ville updates!
Baglady39- The voice of reason!
Johnniegirl- Best stories ever!
Bunny- Outlet stalker extraordaire!
Jenni- Cuz she's just so darn cute!
I'm sure I will have plenty more to add-
And I'd like to thank the Academy.....



Island Girl
Nov 5, 2009
On a beach in the Tropics
oxlivhopexo - for always keeping us abreast of Macy's events.
ms-whitney - for her knowledge of how FP stores operate.
wis3ly - for posting super deals I was able to take advantage of.
Hyacinth, BeenBurned, starrymaz, DemRam - for their vast knowledge in authenticating.
baglady39 & greenpixie - for the maintenance of the fun-loving atmosphere of the Coach subforum


Feb 26, 2009
KL, Malaysia
crystal-d: best bathtub modeling pics ever! :biggrin:
ahhh shoot.. u beat me to it, kikiWoo!
couldn't agree more!!
and also for her "always-on-shopping-spree" ..
this girl keeps buying awesome stuffs!

peggle >> i could die laughing for her sabrinaaaaaaa dance..

johnniegirl >> absolutely got the best finds ever and the stories too!

toonces >> miraculous rehab sessions!
Jan 2, 2008
llkooyman1 - she gives great advice, is super sweet and lives in the same state as me! its nice to help each other out when you live in the same state! I got your back!
johnniegirl - love her reveals! she always has hauls that I could never have in a million years!
Cheap Tequilla - hilarious, and so nice and understanding!
nawth21 - let's me know of great deals because we live in the same state, and is really nice
baglady39 - know it all of Coach, need I say more? :biggrin:
cz22 - great at finding pics from the drilldown and style #'s
btobias - sweet and always helpful, i think she's my long lost sister sometimes :biggrin:, someday i'm coming to Vegas! haha
starrymaz - is such a sweetheart and authenticates within minutes!
RilCruz76 - love her bags and her modeling pics! you go girl!
I'm missing an awful lot of others, which is why I'll post again... I'm at work, so this is just at the top of my head :biggrin:
pursefreak69 - well she's my future sister in law, and we both understand each others coach addiction!


Aug 16, 2009

not necessarily i'll skip over everyones post to see if these gals have posted, but if i am in a thread with 5+ pages, i'll skim over reading every couple of posts. if i see one of theirs i am more likely to read their posts and the responses to their posts.