CoachFreak's 2007 collection

  1. HI everyone-

    My first post in the forums will be to share a small portion of my collection. There is simply no way I can get my entire purse family in one picture so I tried to remember the ones purchased this year. I am sure I forgot some and this picture does not include accessories like matching scarves, makeup bags, shoes, or all the wristlets I seems obsessed with purchasing.

    My latest purchase, which arrived today via the nice FedEx man, is the Lily.


    2007 Coach purse collection.jpg
  2. Update 1
    CoachPurses 001.JPG CoachPurses 008.JPG CoachPurses 010.JPG
  3. update 2
    CoachPurses 028.JPG CoachPurses 011.JPG CoachPurses 021.JPG CoachPurses 026.JPG CoachPurses 023.JPG
  4. update 3 scarf print
    CoachPurses 005.JPG CoachPurses 029.JPG CoachPurses 024.JPG
  5. update 4 signature
    CoachPurses 013.JPG CoachPurses 017.JPG CoachPurses 019.JPG CoachPurses 020.JPG CoachPurses 025.JPG
  6. update 5 legacy
    CoachPurses 007.JPG CoachPurses 030.JPG CoachPurses 014.JPG
  7. update 6 leather
    CoachPurses 004.JPG CoachPurses 016.JPG
  8. Love the turquoise ergo and scarf print bags!
  9. All of my thumbnails are gone. Anyone know why?
  10. According to the tpf announcements on top "attachments are still being transferred; until it is completed, there will be broken images and attachments across the forums"

    Can't wait to see your collection!!
  11. Great! I can see you love patchwork! :biggrin:

    Love your black Sig tote!
  12. Great collection. I love the scarf print pieces!
  13. very nice :smile:
  14. Nice collection. :smile:
  15. You ARE a coach freak!!! Very, very nice collection!!