Coachella 2008

  1. Anyone thinking of going? After last year's band line-up my boyfriend and I may buy tickets... rumor has it that Radiohead may headline.
  2. I might check it out. I went 2 years ago and had a great time (got to see Madonna!!). I heard the Radiohead rumors were false. Either way, we should know soon. They announce the lineup around Feb/March
  3. Radiohead?! :nuts: That would be great.

    I still regret not seeing them a few years ago when I had the chance.
  4. I saw this title line and I thought " Is that some super Coach sell I don't know about ?"
    The concert sounds fun though
  5. I regret never going. Maybe me and some friends will go. My fave band the Sounds was playing there last year but I was going to see their show here. But I was hospitalized the night b4 the show. Uggh.
  6. Radiohead?! I'm There.
  7. I heard Muse might headline one night.
  8. If it's real good i may fly in and make a fun little vacay of it.. we'll have to see!
  9. are there any resorts in the area?
  10. Sure there are. Coachella is essentially Palm Springs/Indio, so there are some nice hotels within driving distance.
    When I went, we rented a house and split it between 8 people. I think it was around 800 for the weekend, but it had a pool and a hot tub and was about 5 miles from the venue grounds.
  11. It's packed with resorts!! Perfect weather that time of year too!
  12. Me too!:nuts:
  13. Holy moly, Radiohead is on freakin' tour and Coachella couldn't even get them? This year's lineup is not worth a 5 hour plane ride. Nuts!
  14. I beg to differ!

    Rilo Kiley
    Death Cab
    Tegan and Sara
    Cold War Kids
    Simian Mobile Disco

    There are tons of bands I want to see. (plus, I've already seen Radiohead, so I'm not too bummed they're not going to be there)
    Holy crap...the Black Kids are playing. They're local kids from here. The keyboardist's roommate has a crush on me.
  15. ^^^
    Eh... well, I'm glad you found stuff you like! There were only like three bands I would really be stoked to see.

    Oh well!