Feb 9, 2006
:love: Hey girls I am new to this forum and I loveee it! Anyways..I have a question, ok i have only three real designer bags..never settle for less or FAKES! ugh...anyways..i own a chocolate brown The city balenciaga bag, a monogram suede Onatah Gm Louis Vuitton, and a coach scribble hobo. My question is, how do you girls collect all of your bags? And how do you know which ones wont go out of style as soon as others ? I am looking to buy some more coach bags because i loveee there new spring line! Im amanda by the way ttyl you guys later and thanks!:biggrin:
Hello! This site is great, isn't it? To be honest I prefer timeless, classic style. I go for basic colors. I particularly like LV bags. My fav right now is a red epi petit noe, which has been in style for many years. I also like coach's spring line. That white legacy tote is gorgeous! A little expensive, though. I'm going to hold out for a new LV for now!
I don't really pay attention to what's "in style" or not...I just buy what I like. I have a bad habit of buying bags that aren't very versatile/practical (most of my bags are too small or too big to use on a daily basis) :cry: So my suggestion is to limit yourself to buying the bags you like the best and will get the most use out of :biggrin:
Welcome! I'm new here too, isnt the site great so far? These ladies are a wealth of knowledge when it comes to handbags!

Coach has some great pieces that (as far as my opinon's concerned) will not go out of style. I just recently bought the Coach SOHO Signature Multi-Function tote in Black and Small Flap in Brown. Both bags are simple, yet stylish and will last quite a while!

I think bags that have a lot of heavy hardware, chains, etc etc aren't as timeless as some of your other choices. Simple = timeless, remember that!
robchrista: If you use the link below you'll go to a thread that has a coach link for checking serial numbers. Follow the directions in the thread to see how it works. Then you'll know if your bag is real by the serial number in your bag. Or you can go to the "authenticate this" thread and ask them if your bag is real. I think it's best if you tell them what the serial number is in your bag then they can tell you whether it's real or not. Good luck!

Back on topic: I have only 2 Coach bags so far but I buy what I like and what I know I'll use. If the bag meets both criteria then I get it. I think a frivolous purchase from time to time is great too! Keeps things fun!